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Cloud Computing – Legal Issues
by Abhijeet Parandekar &Sagar Rahurkar

Cloud computing involves the sharing or storage by users of their
own information on remote servers owned or operated by others
and accessed through the Internet or other connections. Cloud
computing services exist in many variations, including data storage
sites, video sites, tax preparation sites, personal health record websites,
photography websites, social networking sites, and many more

Data Dilution Mechanics
by Tibor Sahinpasic

To prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, one of the best
security practices is cryptography. Encryption theoretically ensures
that only the right people have access to the protected data, which
is why it is frequently deployed by big businesses and government
to prevent civilians and hostile (foreign) forces from obtaining
sensitive documents, or data, and intercepting communications.

Web Application Security for Newbies – Part 3
by Herman Stevens

Last month we learned how to use the Fiddler tool to investigate
the traffic between a browser and a web server and learned what
information can be gathered from the HTTP headers and how to
present this in a report.

Platform for Application Risk Intelligence
by Mat Siman

Source Code Analysis technologies have significantly evolved in
recent years – making im-provements in precision and accuracy
with the introduction of new analysis techniques like flow analysis.
This article describes this evolution and how the most advanced
capabilities available today like query-based analysis and Knowledge
Discovery can be leveraged to create a platform for Application Risk
Intelligence (ARI) to help implement a proactive secu-rity program.
by Patrick Ouellette

The trend of & demand for creating realistic yet challenging virtualized,
possibly portable, and readily manageable CyberRanges designed
to help teach WhiteHats / CyberDefense Arts through practical
PenTesting and CyberWarfare skills has grown dramatically over the
last few years. Skills competitions and challenges are now considered
to be a necessary part of keeping cyber skills sharp and up-to-date

Search Form Based DoS
by Bunyamin Demir

Almost all the applications we use include forms which we can
perform searches. In addition to some applications, which have
simple search forms, we often see more complex search forms.

Penetration Tester’s Open Source Toolkit
by Aby Rao

Cyber Styletto
by Mike Brennan and Richard Stiennon

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Web App 02/2012

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