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PMIII, a Proxmark3 revisited (or how to make your device heavy)

When I first borrowed the Proxmark3.0 X from @unrooted, the tinkerer part of me decided to do something with it, …

Mar 30,2023

5 min read

AppSec Tales XII | XSS

  INTRODUCTION The article describes how to test the application to find Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities. The advice in this article …

Mar 23,2023

59 min read

Crack SSH Private Key with John the Ripper

Crack SSH Private Key with John the Ripper by Anastasis Vasileiadis The SSH private key code should not be just …

Feb 07,2023

10 min read

Fastly Subdomain Takeover $2000

Fastly Subdomain Takeover $2000 Bug Bounty — From zero to HERO by Alexandar Thangavel AKA ValluvarSploit WHOAMI My name is …

Jan 10,2023

23 min read

Bastian Angerstein OfficialNew

Penetration Test Need-To-Know

What is a Penetration Test? A penetration test (also known as a pen test) is a simulated attack on an …

Jun 01,2023

30 min read

Tara Lemieux OfficialNew

Could OpenAI's ChatGPT be a game-changer for United States intelligence agencies?

This revolutionary AI tool could help mission critical organizations develop and strengthen their cyber threat assessment and resiliency. Introduction The …

May 05,2023

12 min read

Methodology and tools used in API Testing Introduction

Introduction Performing pentests in APIs for many is a complex task, especially in some cases that do not have documentation …

May 03,2023

18 min read

API Security Common Mistakes

As per Rapid’s 4th annual State of APIs Report, 70% of developers indicate they will increase API usage this year, …

May 03,2023

11 min read

Rausson Course

Creating Advanced Ransomware with Golang (W51)

In this course, you will develop a hybrid ransomware using, that is, with two encryptions RSA and AES with a programming language that is gaining a lot of strength - Golang

May 12,2023

6 min read

Mastering Splunk: A Comprehensive Guide (W50)

"Mastering Splunk: A Comprehensive Guide" is a comprehensive and hands-on course that covers all aspects of the Splunk platform, from the fundamentals to advanced topics. The course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to effectively use Splunk to analyze and visualize data in their personal and professional lives.

Mar 31,2023

18 min read

faiyaz Course

The Most Notorious Bugs: SQL Injection & XSS (W49)

This course is designed for those who are looking to move their web application penetration skills to the next level! Working from scratch, this course aims to provide comprehensive knowledge of two of the most notorious and common vulnerabilities, SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting.

Mar 22,2023

6 min read

OSINT Tools & TTPs for Pentesters and Red Teamers (W48)

In this course, Eva Prokofiev, the prominent expert in the CTI and OSINT areas, will share with you her know-how and point of view on how to examine a target not only from a "pentester's angle”, but also from other cybersecurity perspectives.

Feb 27,2023

10 min read

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