This online course identifies and exploits vulnerabilities in iOS applications using various tools. We cover iOS architecture, security models, attacks and defences.

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You will learn:

  • The process of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in iOS Applications
  • iOS Traffic Analysis
  • Runtime analysis of iOS apps
  • Exploiting iOS Applications
  • iOS Forensics
  • Exploiting iDevices with Metasploit

You will need:

  • A Macbook with at least 4GB of RAM
  • Jailbroken iPhone or iPad
  • USB cable to connect the iDevices to the machine
  • Wireless network (ideally, but not required)
  • OS X is ideal but most of the material will work with any *NIX type system

Before you enroll, you should know the following:


Module 1:  iOS Applications Security: iOS File systems and Forensics

We will be looking at the iOS file system, understand how the directories are organized, look at some important files, and look at how we can extract data from database and plist files. We will look at how applications store their data in their specific directories (sandbox) and how we can extract them.

Topics covered:

  • Presenting how iOS File systems are organized and how to extract data from databases and Plist.
  • How applications store data on their sandboxes using tools like sqlite3, iExplorer,etc.


For this module, you will have to SSH to your iDevice (assuming that you already changed the root password)

  • SSH to your iphone
  • As root, perform the “ps aux” to find out about the different users involved
  • Find –name *.db ( to see all databases on your iDevice )
  • Select one database and extract data ( as seen on this module training )
  • Choose your text editor and display the plist files, modify it and save it
  • Use iExplorer to view the plist files
  • Transfer files from your iPhone to your local machine for further analysis using sftp

Module 2: Runtime analysis of IOS Apps using Cycript and GNU debugger

In depth analysis of application runtime using Cycript and GNU debugger. With Cycript we can hook into the application runtime, access & modify the instance variables, invoke the instance methods and override the existing methods.

Topics covered:

  • In depth Runtime analysis with Cycript
  • Authentication bypass using Cycript
  • Access & modify the instance variables
  • Clutch to decrypt applications
  • Debugging with GDB by hooking into applications
  • Invoke the instance methods and override the existing methods

Exercises: TBD

Module 3: Insecure Local Data Storage

Different types of files are stored/created in the application’s home directory and other insecure data storage locations. IOS apps store data locally using various methods such as:

  • SQLite databases
  • Plist files
  • Keychain

Topics covered

  • Sensitive data in Keychains
  • Installing keychains_dumper onto the iPhone
  • SQLite databases manipulations
  • Plist files
  • Unintended data leakage

Exercises: TBD

Module 4: IOS Application Traffic Analysis

Intercepting and Monitoring HTTP / HTTPS Traffic with Burp Suite and Wireshark

Topics covered:

  • Browser based mobile apps
  • Intercepting HTTP / HTTPS sensitive data in clear text
  • Performing traffic analysis
  • Installing tcpdump on iPhone
  • Using Wireshark to open pcap file
  • Download filename.pcap from iPhone to local machine
  • Connect your laptop and your iDevices on the same Wi-Fi network
  • Configure Burp and your iPhone as well
  • Tampering data

Exercises: TBD

Your Instructor:  
John Ilboudo

john_photo5 Years of Cyber Security Penetration Testing

Android and iPhone researcher

Certified Ethical Hacker

Reverse Engineering Enthusiast

WordPress Hacking & Security Measures


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  1. It feels quite outdated and not setup by someone who has given courses


    This course really feels like I didn’t spend my money well. It uses old outdated tools, steps to execute or follow are not clear, half the time you jump from subject to subject without clarifying why and what the objective is.
    Not happy to have spent money on this training. All in all, not statisfied with the content of the course, too shallow for this price.

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