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DDOS: coordinated attacks analysis – PenTest Extra 05/2012

August 27, 2012

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DDOS: coordinated attacks analysis - PenTest Extra 05/2012

HOW TO MITIGATE DDoS ATTACKS? Introduction to DDoS Cyberwar Tool
By Deniz Eren
This article’s purpose is to give a brief description about DDoS attack types and tools used by attackers, after that, I will give a more deeply explanation about mitigation techniques against DDoS attacks.

Penetrating with DDoS Attacks
By Charalampos Z. Patrikakis and Angelos-Christos Anadiotis
You know, or at least you have heard about them, and you may even know the way to protect against it (or try to confront the attackers). But, are you sure you have considered the magnitude of the problem? Have you ever looked into the problem from a distance, to see the actual importance beyond raw statistics on attacks?

DDoS: Coordinated Attacks Analysis
By Ramiro Caire
This article will cover some concepts about a well-known attack named DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) with some lab demonstrations as a “Proof of Concept” with countermeasures. In this paper we will focus on two types of attacks, which are “SYN flood” and “Slow HTTP DDoS Attack”.

Why Should Businesses Care about DDoS
By Jeremy Nicholls
The risk of DDoS attacks has increased in tandem with the proliferation of DDoS attack tools and services. This article provides an overview of a number of these tools in order to both raise awareness of the diversity of attacks and provide a window into the underground DDoS economy itself.

DDoS Attacks: So Simple, So Dangerous
By Pierluigi Paganini
The article proposes an analysis of DDoS attacks, explaining how the offensive technique is used in several contexts to hit strategic targets for different purposes. The discussion is supported with the statistics provided by the principal security firms that provide solutions to protect infrastructures from this kind of attacks. The article also include a specific part on the new factors that could support DDoS attacks such as the introduction of IPv6 protocol and the diffusion of mobile platforms.

Sites Fall Prey to Botnet of Call of Duty 4 Game Servers!
By Reto Muller
Administrators of CoD4 servers must be aware of the fact their machines can and are being used to launch DDoS attacks against innocent web sites. Any self-respecting admin should place necessary restrictions and take measures to prevent this awkward situation and not lose face to thugs due to sheer ignorance.

Defending Against Malicious Code & Malicious Activity For The Non-Reversing Defender
By Timothy Nolan
The article will provide information about resources that exist to provide early warning of newly emerging vulnerabilities and threats to arm the security analyst with the information necessary to effectively defend and protect their networks and systems. It will provide the incident responder with some basic tasks, capabilities, intelligence, and resources to enable the responder to rapidly gain understanding about new emerging threats and new zero-day malicious binaries, about attackers, their motivations, and the infrastructure leveraged in their attacks.

Facebook Threats: Evolution in the Last Few Months
By Niranjan Jayanand
In 2012 we saw malware authors still not giving up and trying to affect Facebook and other users luring them into clicking anonymous links which result in scamming and spamming across the victim’s contacts. In this article you will learn about four tricks used by Facebook malware authors.

Vulnerabilities in Common Platforms and Lax Security Practices Are Making Criminals’ Lives Easier
By Andrew Browne
In late 2008, the Conficker worm spread far and wide by exploiting a vulnerability in a network service (MS08-067[1]) that allowed a successful attacker to run malicious code on a compromised machine.

Baltic Cyber Shield: Research from a Red Team versus Blue Team Exercise
By Hannes Holm
This article describes one of the few red team versus blue team exercises to date that focused on producing research, namely, the Baltic Cyber Shield (BCS). Various research have been conducted based on the data gathered during this exercise – this article describes two of these studies.

“It is easy to over-promise and under-deliver” Interview with Colin Doherty – President, Arbor Networks
By Aby Rao
Threats are complex and the hacking community is innovating at a pace that we have not seen before. DDoS requires a purpose-built solution. You cannot effectively re-deploy existing security solutions like a firewall and expect them to perform the core function they were designed for AND solve the DDoS problem.

What you see is not always what you get in the world of drive-by hacking: Sucuri Solutions
By Jim Halfpenny
There are plenty of businesses of all sizes who need to have a web presence to survive and thrive in the modern world, many of whom cannot afford a full-time IT support person let alone an information security expert. We have seen a paradigm shift in just who maintains websites with modern web applications enabling almost anyone to deploy rich, dynamic web sites.

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