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We decided to publish the next Best of Web App Pentesting. It has been half a year since PenTest Best of Web App was released. This time we selected the best articles especially devoted to web applications. Therefore, we have decided to put them together and prepare something special just for you.


  • Configuring and Executing a Pentesting Scenario with Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 by Israel Torres
  • Virtualising Your Penetration Testing Toolbox by Nick Murison
  • Setting Up a Penetration Testing System Using Ubuntu Linux by Stephen Bradshaw
  • Is IAST the Future of AppSec? by Jeff Williams
  • The Cyber Security Trinity by Kevin G. Coleman
  • How to Set Up a Software Hacking Lab Part 1 by Steven Wierckx
  • Setting Up a System For Penetration Testing of Android Apps by Ratish Kumar Mandal and Sarin Kumar
  • Metasploit Primer by George Karpouzas
  • Cyber Styletto by Mike Brennan and Richard Stiennon
  • Pentesting with Teensy by Remus Ho
  • Exploiting Local File Inclusion Vulnerability Using fimap by Sow Ching Shiong
  • Vicnum A Vulnerable Web Application for Pentesters by Mordecai Kraushar
  • How To Set Up a Software Hacking Lab Part 2 by Steven Wierckx
  • Security Testing Tool or Cyber Weapon by Kevin G. Coleman
  • Using Cloud Securely: What You Need To Know To Ensure a Safe Passage by Ian Moyse
  • Why Most E-Commerce Companies Hesitant about Moving to the Cloud by Christian J. Moldes
  • How to Set Up a Software Hacking Lab Part 3 by Steven Wierckx
  • Preparing for and Defending Against Cyber Attacks by Kevin G. Coleman
  • A DIY Hardware Packet Sniffer by Ian G. Harris, Veronica Swanson, Randy Harper
  • Red Team Dream A day in the life – Episode 1 by Eddie Mize
  • Security Measures to Consider When Preparing for a BYOD Environment by Thabo B. Manqele
  • Problems Biometrics Make Worse – Identity Validity Escalation in Enterprise CRM Systems by Colin Renouf
  • SSH Tunnels: How to Attack Their Security by Andrea Zwirner
  • Basic Concept and Usage of SSH Tunnel by Digit Oktavianto
  • How to Get Started with Nikto by Björn Voitel
  • Nikto: A Powerful Web Scanner Used by Researchers and Cybercriminals Alike by Eduard Kovacs
  • Nikto Hacking and Libwhisker Programming to Analyse Web Sites by Mauro Rappa
  • Nikto: How to Launch Mutation Techniques by Ankhorus


July 23, 2021
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