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New issue of ClubHack Magazine is out!

Dear All,

ClubHack Magazine's Issue-26, March 2012 is released.

This issue covers following articles:-

0x00 Tech Gyan - Network Security
0x01 Tool Gyan - Who wants to be a Millionaire
0x02 Mom's Guide - Protect your privacy online with ’TOR’
0x03 Legal Gyan - Section 66A - Sending offensive or false messages
0x04 Matriux Vibhag - EtherApe – Graphical Network Monitoring
0x05 Poster

Check for articles.
PDF version can be download from:-

CHMag is seeking articles for next issue. Topics:-
1. Vulnerability Discovery
2. Exploit Development
3. Cryptography and cryptanalysis

Send us your feedback, articles at [email protected]

Abhijeet Patil,
Co-Founder, CHMag

March 19, 2012

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