News: Networking and Mobile Security 03_2014

On the wide arena of networking and mobile apps security, we are doing our best to stay up-to-date with our readers and supply them with the news on the large digital scale beyond the content we are publishing.

Network World Portal mentions the mistake on Navy hack case, that are to be learned by companies seeking out security provider.

Is Mac OS X is overestimated when it comes to security? How much has been done with the passage of its evolution time? Network World Portal shared the guide via InfoWorld Portal.

What security tools have been recently unveiled for mobile apps?App-Ray, CodeScan and Appicaptor. Have you heard of them?

Cisco has released new Patches for its vulnerable Devices. What are the affected products?

Network Firewalls are emerging in an advanced security packages. What are modern firewalls are capable of?

A new step in SDN networking architecture. AT&T comes up with "user-defined network cloud".

What is PREC? Android apps can now rely on a better security backup?

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Karina Radzikowska and PenTest Magazine Team



March 12, 2014

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