How to get started with nikto - PenTest Extra 12/12

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How to get started with nikto - PenTest Extra 12/12
How to get started with nikto - PenTest Extra 12/12

How to Get Started with Nikto
by Björn Voitel
This article is devoted to the webserver scanner tool Nikto. First I will describe the tool itself, its features and flavors. Then I will show the reader a fast way to setup, scan a host and create a report.

Nikto: A Powerful Web Scanner Used by Researchers and Cybercriminals Alike
by Eduard Kovacs
Cyber security has become a highly important issue in the past period. Both individuals and companies have started realizing that computers and the Internet in general are not only a way to have fun or perform various work tasks in an efficient manner, but also a “tool” for criminals to commit crimes with.

Nikto Hacking and Libwhisker Programming to Analyse Web Sites
by Mauro Rappa
Nikto is the most famous open source web security scanning tool and it can provide a very solid starting point for your website security assessment.

Nikto: How to Launch Mutation Techniques
by Ankhorus
The name "Nikto" is taken from the movie "The Day the Earth Stood still", and of course subsequent abuse by Bruce Campbell in "Army of Darkness".

IPv6 – The Hole in the Defenses
by Colin Renouf
This article will outline how the latest change to the inner workings of the Internet with the move to IP v6, which most companies and security staff have not properly prepared for, represent a risk. Primarily, the various IPv4 and IPv6 tunneling facilities implemented; which are often enabled by default, can allow traffic to pass transparently through a network without the knowledge of the network administrator.

Spear-phishing, PDF and Countermeasures
by Thomas Gerard Hastings,Martha Gjessing Bakken and Kristine Stautland Ivarsoy
In this project we will demonstrate the use of a malicious PDF email attachment as an attack vector into an organization via a client-side attack. The PDF will be packaged in such a way as to avoid antivirus detection. In addition, we will discuss countermeasures to such an attack, both technical and nontechnical, using an updated IDS signature, and proper management techniques such as employee education.

VoIP: A New Era in Threats
by Knútur Birgir Otterstedt and Matthew Arnold
Over the last decade VoIP has become increasingly popular, with service providers gaining millions of subscribers each year. However, VoIP is an inexperienced platform, which translates into millions of subscribers being exposed to new phishing and spoofing threats annually. Are you exposed to these threats?

Interview with Andre Luiz Ota – CEO of Ikonn Systems Engineering
by Stefanus Natahusada
Andre Luiz Ota is the CEO and one of the founders of Ikonn Systems Engineering. When younger, he was a very curious, never destructive or harmful, but always liked to test his knowledge and vulnerabilities of software, applications, servers and databases. Always used it in order to know the failures and not to make any mistakes in his applications.

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Click the link below to download this issue: [dld#70]

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