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PenTest Magazine Announcing Partnership With GamaSec

We are pleased to announce that PenTest Magazine has partnered with GamaSec. To celebrate this Partnership GamaSec provided all our subscribers with November promotion to have their service with a 40% discount.


Web Application Security and Vulnerability Scanning with GamaSec

Web application security is an increasing concern as Internet attacks are faster and more sophisticated than ever! With vulnerability scanning you are informed in real-time and able to react to threats immediately.

GamaSec delivers vulnerability scanning solutions and services to assess your site vulnerability and ensure your organization’s web application security. We offer an early-warning system of defense for web application security, operation security and online information security. GamaSec tools solve major cost limitations which prevent businesses from successfully and effectively implementing web vulnerability solutions.

Many competitive services are based on open source rules providing you with generic solutions. Our website scanning technology has been developed and perfected through experience gained working on large scale worldwide security projects. GamaSec is active in security research and a pioneer in the field of vulnerability identification and definition. This effort allows GamaSec to be among the first and fastest at locating new vulnerabilities and mitigating new threats.

GamaScan is our remote online web vulnerability assessment solution Vulnerability scanning tests web servers, web-interfaced systems and web-based applications against thousands of known vulnerabilities. Your system will undergo a series of dynamic tests and simulated web-application attacks during the online scanning. The service then identifies the security vulnerabilities and produces a detailed security report with recommended solutions that can fix, or provide a workaround for the identified vulnerabilities.

The Differential report that has been designed efficiently in color-coded and graphical format to provide the flexibility necessary to satisfy all audiences ranging from upper management to system administrators

Differential reports compare the progress of risk reduction between previous and recent scans, allowing you to track security web vulnerabilities changes by reviewing the difference in vulnerabilities between two time periods and the counts for existing, fixed and new vulnerabilities.

November 7, 2011

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