Using Cloud Securely: What You Need To Know To Ask To Ensure a Safe Passage - PenTest WebApp 09/2012 - Pentestmag

Using Cloud Securely: What You Need To Know To Ask To Ensure a Safe Passage - PenTest WebApp 09/2012

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Using Cloud Securely: What You Need To Know To Ask To Ensure a Safe Passage
by Ian Moyse
Security is one of the most important factors for companies who want to store data and operate using the cloud and it continues to be highlighted as the greatest concern in end user studies. Implementing and utilizing a cloud solution brings great potential benefits, but also introduces challenges around securing content and data control. Security concerns are the greatest barrier to cloud adoption and implementing cloud initiatives for many organizations, so understanding some of the latest trends and issues will help you to make safe, educated and pragmatic steps towards utilising cloud solutions.

Why Most E-Commerce Companies are Hesitant about Moving to the Cloud?
by Christian J. Moldes
E-commerce sites that accept credit/debit cards as a method of payment have to comply with the PCI-DSS; as a result, these companies have been hesitant about moving to the cloud. They mention reasons including the security risks inherent to this new technology and the difficulty of meeting PCI-DSS compliance requirements when using the cloud. In this article, we will analyze the most important risks and present a few recommendations about how to both move onto the cloud and meet PCI-DSS requirements.

How To Set Up a Software Hacking Lab Part 3
by Steven Wieckx
This is the final article in the series on how to set up a software hacking lab; it will discuss the different possibilities to enable networking between virtual machines, the host system and the outside world.

Preparing for and Defending Against Cyber Attacks
by Kevin G. Coleman
This is the third and final in this series of articles addressing the growing threat due to the proliferation of cyber weapons and the threat of a cyber based war. Traditional conflict and conflict in the cyber domain share many common attributes. As with conventional modalities of war, cyber conflicts have offensive operations and defensive operations as well as cyber intelligence collection and analysis operations. These aspects are not isolated. In fact, they are heavily interconnected. This article will focus on cyber defense and the cyber intelligence that supports enhanced system defenses. However, we first must lay the ground work and correct a common misconception.

A DIY Hardware Packet Sniffer
by Ian G. Harris, Veronica Swanson & Randy Harper
It is not uncommon for system support staff to secure a system from external attack, but to overlook an internal threat which can be exploited due to vulnerabilities in physical security. In order to test such for such a vulnerability, we have developed a Hardware Packet Sniffer (HPS) device, which sniffs network traffic and retransmits it to another machine. By making the device small, it can easily be overlooked by support staff and other employees. By making the device low-cost, it is effectively disposable, requiring no retrieval.

RedTeam Dream: A day in the life. Episode 1.
by Eddie Mize
This is what happens during a RedTeam penetration testing exercise...

Cyber Styletto: Chapter 10
by Gian DeTorre & Mike Brennan
The approach to Bagram was as uneventful as a landing at a commercial airport, which, after the bronco ride the team had experienced out of Hong Kong, caught them by surprise...

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