Preorder offers

Dear Readers,
It's been a while since we have launched new option - preorder offer on our website.
Now you can preorder each of the incoming issues in a lower price!

Below you will find a list of available preorder offers:
1. Build your own Pentesting Company – PenTest StarterKit 04/2013 PREORDER
What are perspectives of small pentesting companies?
Is it possible to be one-man pentesting company?
On which markets new companies should look for their chances?
What are the legal issues when building/managing a pentesting company?
What hardware/software should you invest in?
What kind of people should you look for and where to find them?

2. The Future of Pentesting – PenTest Extra 03/2013, PREORDER
Worldwide interview about the future of pentesting: Will the need of pentesting cease? What are the market capacities? What will prevail – tools or individual skills? Who will win the race – ethical hackers or penetration testers? Looking for answers? Preorder the BIGGEST EVER PENTESTING INTERVIEW and get a special video bonus!

3. Become Well-Known Pentester Today – PenTest StarterKit 03/13, PREORDER

Did you missed our latest StarterKit? Or maybe you are just visiting our website for the first time? Either way, this is an ideal offer for you. For just 25$ you can download and read both StarterKit 02/13 and StarterKit 03/13. The latest issue is available right now. The access to the upcoming issue will be given to you immediately after the release.

4. Pentesting with Backtrack, PenTest Regular 05/13 Preorder
Wifi & Bluetooth;
Websites penetration;
Stack overflow and memory dump;
Vulnerability to exploit on Microsoft Win7 / XP.
And it is only a scrap of what we are going to deliver you!
Be prepared for the full issue release.

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