The Holistic Information Security Institute (HISPI) Has Partnered with PENTEST Magazine, to Offer Readers and Subscribers International Membership Opportunities at 50% Discount

Atlanta, GA., October 05 2011 – The Holistic Information Security Practitioner Institute (HISPI), one of the world’s eminent membership and certification organizations announced a strategic partnership with PENTEST Magazine one of the fastest growing publications IT security mag, devoted that features articles by penetration testing specialists and enthusiasts and experts in vulnerability assessment and management community. Through this partnership, PENTEST subscribers will receive full access to the HISPI online library, podcasts, mappings and e-study guides. HISPI has the most comprehensive list of podcast interviews with many of the most respected leaders in the industry, addressing some of the most important topics of interest today. The partnership will cover the HISPI and PENTEST global footprint.

If readers want to explore before becoming a full member, they can subscribe as an Associate Member. Associate Members receive full access to the HISPI online library, where many of the industry’s thought leaders have contributed valuable articles, white papers, case laws and standards updates so that you can keep up with the ever changing security environment, but can only view the descriptions of the podcasts, mappings and tools.

HISPI has been a leader in promoting a holistic approach to information security program management since 2007 by providing certification opportunities in information security, information assurance and governance with a focus on international standards, best practices, and comprehensive frameworks for developing robust and effective information security and resiliency programs. In line with their holistic approach to information security, HISPI has partnered with PENTEST to offer technology experts the credentials to take them to the next level in order to advance into higher management levels and achieve that multi-level knowledge base that is in so much demand today.

In support, John DiMaria, President, HISPI, said that “The HISPI is recognized as a world leader through its introduction of a visionary, next generation line of thinking. The institute strives consistently to meet the professional education demands of organizations who desire to elevate the skill level of key personnel in order to improve their overall security posture in support of the HISP methodology while furthering their quest to be true management system professionals at the highest level.” DiMaria went on to say, “We truly believe that the relationship with PENTEST will help increase organizational awareness in the technology world of the critical need for an integrated information security approach that connects technology with people and process assets as well as education and professional skill development within enterprises of all sizes and industries.”

The code to obtain the subscriber discount is PENTEST03.

About the HISPI

Headquartered in Lithoina, GA, the Holistic Information Security Practitioner (HISP) Institute (HISPI) is an independent certification organization consisting of volunteers that are true information security practitioners, such as Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Information Security Officers (ISOs), Information Security Managers, Directors of Information Security, Security Analysts, Security Engineers and Technology Risk Managers from major corporations and organizations.

One of the main objectives of the HISPI is to promote cost-effective training and certification to information security, audit and compliance professionals, particularly Public Sector and Higher Education employees, where budget constraints can be a barrier to obtaining such quality training and certification.

Membership to the HISP Institute is currently open to anyone who is interested in achieving their organizational objectives through improving the efficiency of the organization's internal controls and security processes, as well as adopting a holistic approach to information security management. Because the certification effectively blends technology, processes and people to meet company goals, the professional is often considered to be a hybrid Information Security professional with a balance of technical and business skills. This indicates the HISP certified individual can function effectively in the capacity of a CISO, CCO, CRO, Risk Manager, Security Manager or Audit Manager.

For additional information on the HISPI and the benefits of membership, please visit us, join our LinkedIn Group, and on Twitter @The_HISPI

About PenTest Magazine

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October 5, 2011

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