Things To Consider When Choosing A Cyber Security Company

Things To Consider When Choosing A Cyber Security Company

Cyber security tends to be a critical aspect for various organizations, particularly for those running online businesses. Many companies are now using the Internet to their advantage. However, it also means putting your data at risk of getting stolen by cyber attackers. 

You can avoid data theft and other cyberattacks with the help of a cyber security company. But, you must select the right IT firm for the job. Hence, here are six essential factors to consider when choosing a cyber security firm:

Know Your Specific Needs

The first step to getting started with choosing the solution for your different cyber security needs is to identify the type of threats that you’re likely to face. You should make sure that you have a plan in place so you can protect your business from these different threats. For example, you might be looking into improving data security for sensitive company information. So, the service you might consider is data encryption.  

Choose cyber security companies that can provide services that fit your specific needs. Some of the services that you ought to consider include the following:

  • Application and software security
  • Network defense
  • Breach or intrusion detection
  • Incident response
  • Data recovery
  • Endpoint protection

Note that each cyber security segment focuses on a particular aspect of cybercrime. Your business might be looking into taking advantage of one or two cyber security services. However, you can also opt for a complete security system to manage and solve cyber security hazards for your firm.

But, opting for complete security packages might be expensive. Therefore, these solutions might not be ideal for all organizations, especially for startups. Thus, take note of your company’s spending allowance when thinking about your cyber security needs. In turn, you can take advantage of services that fit your business’s data and network security requirements, without going over your budget. 

Proper Certifications

Ask yourself the following question: “Would you, a non-certified IT professional, handle your business’s cyber security requirements?”  You could opt for this option, but the risks tend to be quite high. 

Instead, choose a cyber security company that has the right licenses, certifications, and permits for the job. One official document to note is the Computer Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, which certifies that the professional has the right knowledge about the different computer networks. 

However, don’t stop your search by looking at this certification. After all, the CIS certification only caters to a few aspects of cyber security, particularly in the networking sector. Therefore, you may need extra assurance against other potential cyber threats, such as malware or direct denial of service (DDoS) attacks. 

Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask your chosen cyber security firm some probing questions to know about their level of IT expertise. Some queries you might ask are:

  • What risk management framework is your company using?
  • Will this framework help your business?
  • What are you (the cyber security firm) doing to prevent cyberattacks?
  • Is it possible to see the training completed by your employees?
  • How often do you test your cyber security response strategies?

The answers to these questions should provide you with the necessary information about the certifications accomplished by a company’s IT professionals. As a rule of thumb, aim for using professional IT services with an understanding of different computing systems. In doing so, you can take advantage of several features and services to protect your business’s valuable IT infrastructure. 

Aside from the CISSP certification, other official documents that you might look into are:

  • Global Information Assurance Certification (GASC)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Moreover, your chosen IT professionals should know how the minds of cyber attackers work. That way, the experts can anticipate attacks before they occur. 

Regular Reporting

Several hackers, viruses, intrusions, holes, and vulnerabilities affect different businesses daily. Thus, it might only be a matter of time until your company becomes the next target for a cyberattack. 

However, how can you know if you’re a hacker’s next victim if a cyber security company doesn’t give detailed reports?  Also, if you don’t acquire detailed information about your current IT security campaigns, you might not know what to expect from cyber attackers. It’s in this regard that you must choose an IT company that can provide you with regular reports. These reports should include valuable data, like:

  • Summary of the potential or existing incidents
  • Names of parties involved
  • Safety measures implemented

Note that these documents need to be as detailed as possible. For example, your business is in the banking sector, and a hacker recently breached your IT infrastructure. Now, your customers’ sensitive information is in the hands of the cyber attacker. 

You should understand that cyber security in the banking sector needs to be as sturdy as possible. Companies in this particular industry need to safeguard highly sensitive information, such as savings and credit card details. Therefore, you need to know if potential threats exist in the bank’s IT infrastructure. 

Ask your chosen cyber security firm about the frequency of these reports. Perhaps, you might want these documents in your email inbox by the end of each workday. Otherwise, one detailed report sent to you once a month should suffice. 

Solution Scalability

Scalability refers to the trait in which organizations, systems, or applications can cope and perform well in an expanding workload. In other words, these elements should grow when the business expands. 

With that in mind, you should choose cyber security services that grow with your company. What happens if the IT security services aren't scalable?  If so, you're going to leave several vulnerabilities in your computing systems. 

For instance, your organization has two servers that handle the business’s big data needs. Now, you bring an additional server as the business expands. If your chosen cyber security services aren't scalable, the new server may not have the same security protocols found in the other two servers. Hackers can exploit this event by putting malicious software or malware called a keylogger. As its name implies, the keylogger records all keystrokes made using a keyboard. Hence, if someone enters their credentials into a system, this malware records and sends the data to the cyber attacker. 

Thus, your cyber security solution needs to scale with your business. So, suppose you add a new server or expand your IT infrastructure. In that case, the security protocols should adapt to the system's new layout, creating a sturdy IT arrangement against various illicit behaviors.

Cyber Security Methods

Perhaps, you already have cyber security measures for your company’s IT infrastructure. But, keep in mind that one antivirus software, regardless of how powerful it might be, may not be enough to prevent your organization’s computing system against several cyber attacks. Therefore, you should acquire the expert assistance of a reliable cyber security firm that provides different methods in preventing and eliminating different threats. These methods may include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Analyze security threats
  • Monitor data and security accesses
  • Analyze security breaches
  • Coordinate security strategies with third-party solutions

Moreover, the IT company you choose should have the expertise and experience in efficiently dealing with different threats. These risks include phishing, ransomware, and SQL injection. 

Another form of cyberattack that your IT security firm should know how to handle is DDoS. This attack tends to be quite common for websites. DDoS attacks flood your website’s servers with fake visitors, causing the servers to lag or crash. It’s like having to deal with hundreds of people inside a small store, but no one’s buying. 

Thus, your chosen IT company should know the correct protocols to apply to remove these 'fake' visitors from your website. Otherwise, you're going to risk losing some legitimate sales opportunities as your customers can't use your website properly. Remember, the goal of each cyber security discipline is to face existing and new threats with the correct, systematic methods. Security firms should offer solutions to certain attacks and protect additional dangers that may transpire. 

Industry Expertise

At this point, you may already know that serious importance of cyber security. However, your chosen cyber security service provider shouldn’t only prioritize businesses in the IT sector. In other words, aim to use the services of cyber security companies that understand the specific needs of organizations in different sectors. For example, a hotel might need improved security protocols for credential stuffing attacks. Consequently, a retail store needs data recovered from a recent security breach. 

Note that reliable IT firms should know that there’s no ‘magic pill’ that can cure all digital threats. Your chosen professionals should understand and fill specific needs for businesses in different industries for them to be able to apply the correct security measures. 


The services rendered by a reliable cyber security company tends to be invaluable to relatively any company. But, it doesn’t mean you should resort to picking any cyber security firm you can find without putting much though into it. Let the essential factors mentioned in this article help you choose the right IT security service provider for your business. 

October 16, 2020
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