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What Are The Common Mistakes That Lead You To A Cyber Attack?


What Are The Common Mistakes That Lead You To A Cyber Attack?

by Neha Singh

Hackers around the world are looking for minor gaps that can make them attack and get access to your IT infrastructure. They are just waiting for our one small mistake that can let them cause immense damage. We are making these mistakes unknowingly most of the time. So, it is important that we get an idea about these common mistakes that makes it easy for cybercriminals to make merry of them.

A cyber spy can make their attack intense as and when they start getting more information about your business. The deeper they get to your network, they start getting more and more data related to your business. This can make them launch an even bigger attack that you cannot even imagine. A professional hacker can get all the information related to the work procedure followed at the company to plan the attack securely and also get the people convinced to do what he or she wants them to do.

This sounds scary, but there is a solution to it as well. The best possible way to get your data secure is by maintaining a good degree of protection. But, most of the organizations are not maintaining the same and are paying a big price for the same.

To make it more clear below mentioned are a few of the common mistakes that not only attract cyber attackers but pave the way for the downfall of your business. Take a look:

1. Passwords

The biggest mistake that one makes to open the gates for cyber attackers is their publicly kept passwords. It is insecure and can be accessed by good hackers with ease. So it is important that you do not keep common passwords like using your pet name, address, birth date, or mobile number. It should be uniquely filled with different characters and must be updated regularly. Following these basic steps can save your company from being fooled. You must never ever share your password with anybody. A single mistake can lead to disaster for your business.

Points to remember:

 >> Not using common passwords

 >> Change the password regularly

 >> Never share your password with anyone

2. Same Passcodes for Different Platforms

Another major mistake that allows cyber attackers to get access to our system is using a similar type of password for all the platforms. If your employees are using the same password for their professional use and personal requirements, then it is nothing but an invitation to hackers. If your startup is not protected with a high level of security, then it can certainly cost you a lot. It has been seen that most of the time computer systems are not updated. Not many are working with data security as their prime priority. All this allows the attackers to get hold of the admin password, and if the password is the same, they might also access your work account and many other aspects.

Points to remember:

>> Not using the same password for all platforms

>> Keeping the system updated with the latest security patches

3. Common Passcode of a Software

There have been times when your entire team is using the same software, and to avail access to the same, they are using a common password. This password can be kept in a word file, or a common server, or in an application. But, doing this not only gives the password access to the colleagues but also to the intruders. A hacker is always looking for such mistakes to get into your business system and make use of it. You never when this mistake can make you pay big time. So, you need to be very careful in the situation and ensure that the password is different for every single individual using the software.

Points to remember:

>> Not using common passwords in a group or a team for a particular software

>> Make sure that it is stored in an isolated arena

>> Never share your password with anyone

>> Get your password changed regularly

4. Phishing and Spear phishing

You might have received many weird emails with attachments or links. Be very careful or cautious with these emails. It is basically spam where when you click on the attachment or link, the cyber attacker gets access to your system, and slowly they start to spread all through the network. You can easily acknowledge these types of emails so, make sure that you are not clicking on the same even by mistake. This entire process is acknowledged as phishing emails.

When it comes to spear phishing emails, it is completely different. Here the fraudsters attack directly. They use different techniques or methods to know you and manipulate you. They work on ways that make them get closer to your system so that they can include malware in it. All this can be done just with a phone call or even through an email, as stated above. So, you need to be very careful and make sure that nobody else is able to access your system in any which way.

Points to remember:

>> Never open a suspicious link or attachment

>> Never share your system or smartphone with anyone

>> Do not download an attachment from an unknown email address

5. Careless Managers

The hackers are always aiming for admin rights. This allows them to gain complete access to the system. As and when they find an ID of the user, they plan a systemized attack to get closer to you and gain access to the system in any which way. They are going to do a complete study on your hobbies, personal life, preferences, and the plan, then attack that can help them reach the admin rights and eventually get hold of the complete system. So, as an administration, it is important that you keep your eyes open and make sure that you are in your full senses about the trap being laid to attack.

Points to remember:

>>  Make sure that your user ID is secret

>> Never open a suspicious mail or attachment

>> Do not share your phone or laptop

>> Never pass on the password to anyone

6. Poor Server Setup

There are many IT companies delivering their services with a mindset of saving money and time. If they also are asked to set up a server, they might keep the access password to “qwerty” or just “01234” and not change it later. If someone is taking control of the same as a manager is not a security expert, then he or she might even forget about the same. With the system running smoothly, they might ignore changing the password to access their server. This can lead to data breaches and cost your business quite a lot.

Points to remember:

>> Change your server password frequently

>> Make sure that the password is unique with different characters

7. Software Not Updated

Lastly, to keep your system secure, it is important that your operating system and the application in it are updated with the latest versions. To keep the immunity of your system strong, it is important that your system software is fully upgraded with the latest security patches. Or else, there is a high probability of any kind of vulnerability that can lead to data breaches or even ransomware attach. But, with the software updated, the suspicious activity can be detected and stopped on its course.

Points to remember:

>> Keep your system and software updated,

>> Get all the applications updated to their latest version.

Wrap Up

This shows the common mistakes that we make and let our business suffer because of it. We need to be very careful while managing our IT infrastructure. Even single percent negligence can lead to cyberattacks and cost your business millions. So, make sure that you follow the above-mentioned pointers and keep your business protected from all the possible cyber attacks.

About the Author

Neha Singh is the Founder & CEO of Securium Solutions with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is skilled in ECSA, Vulnerability Management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Management, and Business Development. She loves traveling and trekking.


October 5, 2021
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