Auditing & Standards 1/2012

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Auditing & Standards 1/2012

A Look at the Security Assessment
by Kellep A Charles
Securing computers at the workplace has taken an interesting transition from its onset to its current state. Early computing infrastructure focused on “Physical Security” which consisted of securing mainframes. The threat to organizational information was very low and controllable. Any threat to information would most likely occur through physical access as opposed to remote system access.

Operating System Security Re-visited
by Ian Tibble
Information security, in terms of the risk management of electronic information, is a young and relatively new practice in the business world. Information
security departments are less than a decade old in many businesses. The mid-to-early 90s saw the wider scale adoption of the public Internet, and along with itcame technical gurus (some would say “hackers”) who professed to know how to keep bad guys out of good guys’ corporate networks.

IT Security Professionals Arise!
Righting the Balance of IT Security Cost, Complexity and Risk in 2012 world of CyberCrime
by Graeme Nash
If there’s one overriding galvanizing force in Europe today, it must be the desire to seek out and stimulate economic growth in whatever way possible. The alternative is continued and deepening austerity impoverishing institutions and individuals alike.

Protecting the Crown Jewels:
Strategies for Preventing Data Breach
by Graeme Nash
With recent high-profile information theft (AKA database attacks) on TJ Maxx and others, more companies are realizing that it’s not enough to padlock the front door to their networks but they also have to put a watchdog on their databases which house the crown jewels. And it’s not only to prevent external breaches, but also to monitor for internal sabotage, especially in the current economic situation where disgruntled employees are

Cyber Threats are Real, and will Continue to Evolve at a Rapid Rate
by Tony Zirnoon
There is an immediate need to gain complete visibility across the physical, logical, and virtual boundaries of enterprise network. IT organizations
need to speed up the validation process for security, monitoring and analytical tools, i.e. Network Intelligence Tools. They need solution to
help them shorten the time to deployment of best-of-breed network intelligence tools and architect defense in layers in order to mitigate against cyber threats proactively.

User Activity Monitoring – Security Monitoring that Matters
by Jeani Park
One of the toughest challenges facing IT professionals today is the growing tension between the pace of technological change and the relentless need
for everywhere accessible, always on connectedness- among employees, customers, partners and suppliers. People = problems, with their
SmartPhones, tablets, and notebooks in tow- opening apps, creating files, transferring data, and ever tweeting, ever texting, ever posting.

Securing & Protecting a Mobile Future
by Nitin Bhas
Smartphones currently possess many of the powerful capabilities similar to a PC and as new features and functionalities are being added, smartphones
are becoming more vulnerable to certain kinds of attack. As smartphones are increasingly used for accessing remote data and carrying sensitive
business and personal data, security apps are becoming an essential and integral part of the smartphone to make it less susceptible to the different
types of threats.

Primary Care and Safety Alerts on Social Networks
by Longinus Timochenko
Today social networks are the best way to interact with other Internet users, worldwide Internet users have a profile on at least one social network. The
vast majority of people use these sites to keep in touch with your friends and make new friends. There are a plethora of websites that connect people
around the world, such as Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and Sonico.

Basic Security for Smartphones and Tablets
by Longinus Timochenko
A recent study by consulting bigest players in IT and Security show that the development of mobile devices is a trend for the next 12 to 18
months. The mass use of devices such as smartphones and tablets poses a challenge: security. For us experts on Information Security,
the same precautions that users have with the PC should be applied to smartphones and tablets.Author quote a few key tips to prevent these
devices from being infected by viruses or data violated.


Auditing & Standards 1/2012Auditing & Standards 1/2012 - PenTest Teaser
Auditing & Standards 1/2012

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