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What is reviewing?

Our volunteering reviewers are one of the pillars of our magazine. Their impressive knowledge and willingness to share it with the community truly helps us a lot in choosing the best content. Additionally, we believe that being a part of such community will give you the opportunity to broaden your professional knowledge extensively, not to mention being a valuable point in your resume.

What does a reviewer do?

Reviewing in PenTest Magazine means:

What will you gain?

Active reviewers can expect the following in return for their help:

How to become a reviewer?

Becoming PenTest Mag reviewer is a very simple task!  All you have to do is send us an email to the following address with ‘reviewer group’ as the e-mail’s subject: [email protected]

You will receive a confirmation and you will be added to Pentestmag′s reviewer list. Addresses of subscribers are not revealed to any other party and there is no commercial content distributed to the list.

Please note: We publish English-language articles only.

Is there a catch?

No! You have no obligation, you can take part whenever you want to, you can sign out anytime you wish. There is only one very important rule – if you take an article for review, you must give us feedback or inform us before the deadline that you can’t review it. Otherwise, if you take three articles without any response you might be removed from the list. 

So don’t hesitate, sign up now!

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