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"I just finished the BLAST Drone Warfare course. I found it very informative as I hold a sUAS pilot rating. I also finished a two level military UAS qualification course. I give the BLAST course 5 stars. The drone tactics and counter tactics were informative and useful. The list of drone hijacking/DoS/backdoor software was impressive. "

Corporate Access

Pentest Corporate Subscription offers organizations and companies a way to stay up to date with cybersecurity knowledge and skills. Our enterprise subscription plan may be the right thing for you – online courses, magazines, and huge archives of knowledge will allow your team to continually grow.


Transform your talent with online training supporting the skills your team needs to remain competitive in any environment.

Self - paced

Practice your skills at your own pace. We know that time is precious when it comes to the cybersecurity area, therefore, you and your team decide how much time it takes for you to finish the whole course. Also, you can join a course at any moment.


Boost your skills with practical assignments, labs and exercises. Teach your team the best methodologies, techniques and tools to use against hackers or see how the whole hacking process is done from an attacker’s perspective. Watch video tutorials, step by step guides and gain practical insight by improving your team skills.

Unlimited Access

Subscribers have unlimited access to our entire digital library – magazines, online trainings and archives.

Our Platform

Always available

Our Platform is a cloud-powered Learning Management System that is always accessible.

Reports that make sense

Flexibility and advanced analytics for the enterprise. Simple and comprehensible analytics about everything that happens inside your team’s elearning environment.

Rich communication tools

Support for Personal messages, Live Chats and Discussion forums.
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