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PenTest Magazine is a monthly downloadable magazine dedicated to cybersecurity professionals who work for big companies and institutions. Our aim is to provide our readers with the coverage of the various aspects crucial in everyday work of IT security departments. Not only do we provide you with the recent technical pentesting updates, but also we put strong emphasis on the procedures, compliance, and regulations, in order to present you the full scope of the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity and its role in the business. This applies to our issues and online courses. 

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If you are the cybersecurity enthusiast who enjoys sharing your knowledge with others on a regular basis, you are more than welcome to share it on our blog platform. The article should be presenting intermediate and advanced content, preferably presenting author’s innovative approach. The minimum of 1000 words is required. Please bear in mind that plagiarism is strictly forbidden. If you’re interested, please send it to: [email protected]

If you have more questions or want to submit your idea contact us at: [email protected] or complete the below form:

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We encourage every member of  the cybersecurity community to publish with us. We're interested both in technical topics, as well as ones more related to the business side of penetration testing - organizational mechanisms, trends, compliance etc. If you have an idea for article (intermediate or advanced level), please fill in the form below:

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Article guidelines are presented below:

  1. Article submission process:
  • The first step is to agree on the topic with our editor, Bartek - you can choose a subject you specialise in and you’d like to write about or Bartek can help you by suggesting a suitable topic. In either case, contact: [email protected]
  • Then we’ll discuss the timeframe (generally, we give our authors two weeks to complete the first draft of the article but there is a possibility to extend it)
  • Article gets written and sent to the editor
  • Article is reviewed by our beta testers
  • If necessary, revisions are made by the author
  • Plagiarism is strictly forbidden!
  • Article is proofread, grammar and spelling are checked
  • Article is ready to be published.
  1. Formatting:
  • Preferred file formats: .doc, .docx, .odt, etc. (editable text formats) - no PDFs!
  • No restrictions on fonts or margins, all will be normalized in DTP
  • Images in text should be labeled
  1. Article length: The article should be at least 1500 words long. There is no upper limit of word count regarding the length of the texts.
  2. Article structure:
  • Structure examples: tutorial, how-to, essay, case study, research presentation, etc.
  • The article should contain introduction and conclusion, references and “About the Author section”

If you have questions, concerns or you want to chat about your publication, send a message to: [email protected]

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Our volunteering reviewers are one of the pillars of our magazine. Their impressive knowledge and willingness to share it with the community truly helps us a lot in choosing the best content. Additionaly, we believe that being a part of such community will give you the opportunity to broaden your professional knowledge extensively, not to mention being a valuable point in your resume.  If you would like to become one and you would like to know more about the advantages of such a role, please contact [email protected]

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We organize a couple of pre-recorded online courses a year. If you would like to become our instructor, please contact [email protected] for further details, or visit https://pentestmag.com/become-instructor/

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