WAPT vol. 3

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Modeling Security Penetration Tests with Stringent Time Constraints
by Alan Cao
In this article author Alan Cao discusses the modeling aspect of XBOSoft Modeling, Planning, Execution, and Analysis (MPEA) approach and explains how to best model security projects with little time. Company’s overall goal of penetration testing is to reduce vulnerability-associated risks in a limited time. „Just like in black-box functional testing, we need to find the most important defects as soon as possible” claims Alan. The objective of this article is to present a modeling framework for executing a security penetration testing project with stringent time constraints.

The puzzlepices
by Daniel Clemens
Daniel says that in his pursuits he has found penetration testing (hacking) in its purest form is the craft of gathering and exploiting strange artifacts about a target. The real value in this discipline is putting these artifacts together like puzzle pieces for the end goal of system compromise. While some things can be institutionalized, hacking is an art that is a mixture between technical skill and an analytical ability to put things together.

WebAppSecurity for Newbies part 2
by Herman Stevens
Herman Stevens continues his journey through Web Application Security showing newbies his personal experience. Naked hacker – this is subtitle of this article, is menas that Herman Stevens shows us plain hacker reality and all steps that the newbie has to take to become hacker.

Open Source Web Application Security Testing Tools
by Vinodh Velusamy
Author shows us the significance of Open Source Web Application Security Testing Tools. As he claims „When you choose and use good tools, you’ll know it. Amazingly, you’ll minimize your time and effort installing them, running your tests, reporting your results – everything from start to finish. Most importantly, with a good web vulnerability scanner you’ll be able to maximize the number of legitimate vulnerabilities discovered to help reduce the risks associated with your information systems. At the end of the day and over the long haul, this will add up to considerable business value you can’t afford to overlook”.

Web Application Common Vulnerabilities – Part I
by Bryan Soliman
Here is first part of series of articles devoted to Web Application Common Vulnerabilities. Bryan Soliman notes that „most of the web applications face the core security problems where users can submit crafted inputs. Every aspect of the user’s interaction with the application may be malicious, and should be regarded as such unless proven otherwise. Failure to properly address this problem can leave applications vulnerable to attack in numerous ways. All of the evidence about the current state of web application security indicates that the above problem has not been resolved on any significant scale, and these attacks against web application present a serious threat both to the organizations that deploy them, and to the users who access them”.

by Mike Brennan and Richard Siennon
Second chapter of Cyber Styletto – great novel written by Mike Brennan and Gian de Torre. Super hacker Yvonne Tran, part of a secret government agency called CyberCom, is brought in to investigate a malicious network attack that caused the deaths of eight innocent people. She and her team follow the trail to Hong Kong and Afghanistan, and they must pinpoint the source before the next attack, which has the potential to kill hundreds of US citizens.

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