8 Ways to Hone Your Programming Skills and Become a Better Coder - Infographic by AppDynamics

As with everything related to technology, programming has gotten infinitely more complex—and faster. Every day, it seems, there are new coding languages and new changes to existing code. For programmers, the catch can be how to make yourself better at what you do and keep up with how the profession is changing.
Of course, understanding how you learn is key to helping guide your development as a programmer, as is finding a mentor or mentors to help guide your career—from classes to take to jobs you’re considering. And the work has to be real: It can’t all be for imaginary customers or just creative programming projects you’re pursuing on your own.
One thing that helps all programmers is sharing—what they learn, what works, what doesn’t. That’s a key step for any programmer to continue to add and refine their skills. So what can you do to enhance your professional path? This graphic can guide you.
April 12, 2017
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Robert Brooks Authement

Oh this article is really awesome, thanks!

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