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AppSec Tales II | Sign-in

AppSec Tales II | Sign-in by Karol Mazurek Application Security Testing of the Login form guidelines. INTRODUCTION This is the second article in the AppSec series, which describes how to test Login forms to ensure a secure authentication process. The advice in this article is based on: OWASP Web Security....

August 9, 2022
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red ball
1 month ago

This article appears to be a valuable resource for individuals involved in application security testing or those interested in understanding the intricacies of securing login forms. By focusing specifically on testing login forms for secure authentication processes, it addresses a crucial aspect of web security. The fact that it’s based on OWASP Web Security guidelines adds credibility to the recommendations provided. Overall, it seems like a well-structured and informative piece that can contribute to enhancing cybersecurity practices in the development and maintenance of web applications.

free games
1 month ago

This article’s guidance is derived from the principles of OWASP Web Security.

age of war
2 months ago

Very helpful blog post! There’s a lot of information here that can help any business start a social networking campaign that works

geometry dash
5 months ago

The advice in this article is based on: OWASP Web Security

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