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BackTrack Compendium - PenTest Extra 03/2013 TEASER

PT EX BT CompendiumDear PenTest Readers!

We are more than happy to present you the TEASER of the newest PenTest Extra 03/2013 - BACKTRACK COMPENDIUM!

And what we have prepared for you this time? The full issue is divided into five sections:
Introduction to BackTrack,
Building your Lab,
Multiphase Testing,

You will find 18 articles in the full issue and for the teaser we have chosen three of them:
BackTrack for Pentesting by LLoyd Wilke,
Hacking Wireless in 2013 by Terrance Stachowski,
Compromising Passwords with the Next Generation of BackTrack: Kali Linux by Joseph Muniz.

How to use BackTrack? What the toolkit can be applied to? What can be achived by using it?
Looking for answers? Get the BackTrack Compendium now!

For more details about the full issue, see the full table of contents below.

And this is it, the newest PenTest Extra. Ready to be entered, ready to be enjoyed.
Have a great reading!
PenTest Team
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BackTrack for Pentesting?
By Lloyd Wilke

From The Beginning: Building an SQLi Lab
By Guglielmo Scaiola
How to Set Up a Software Hacking Lab Part 1, 2, 3
By Steven Wierckx

Sharpen your Axe with BackTrack
By Davide Peruzzi
Multiphase Penetration Testing: Using BackTrack Linux, Metasploit and Armitage
By Lance Cleghorn
BackTrack 4: Target Scoping
By Shakeel Ali, Tedi Heriyanto

Metasploit Primer
By George Karpouzas
Metasploit for Exploits Developement: The Tools Inside the Framework
By Guglielmo Scaiola
Hacking Wireless in 2013
By Terrance Stachowski
Automating Exploitation with MSFCLI
By Justin Hutchens
Nikto: How to Launch Mutation Technique
By Ankhorus
MsfPayload & MsfEncode
By Pankaj Moolrajani and Hitesh Choudhary
Compromising Passwords With the Next Generation of Backtrack: Kali Linux
By Joseph Muniz
PenTempest on WordPress
By Massimiliano Sembiante

Pentesting with Backtrack
By Mathieu Nayrolles, Mathieu Schmitt, and Benoît Delorme
Guide to BackTrack 5: Attacking the Client
By Vivek Ramachandran
Taking Over an Active Directory
By Gilad Ofir
MS Internet Explorer Sam ID Property Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
By Praveen Parihar

July 10, 2013

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