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Execution Policy Bypassing Techniques | PowerShell and Windows for Red Teamers [FREE COURSE CONTENT]

This video tutorial will show you 8 execution policy bypassing techniques for PowerShell. It is a part of our online …

Sep 14,2022

1 min read

Dr. Shekhar Pawar OfficialNew Edition

Drone technology, cyber threats, and recommended security testing practices

A drone word is derived from the word "male honey bee". The field of airborne vehicles that run without a …

May 29,2024

7 min read

CyberSanctus OfficialNew

Ethical Hacking Techniques for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Platforms

This paper (a section of the ebook) focuses on ethical hacking within the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, highlighting the nuanced …

Apr 12,2024

22 min read

CyberSanctus OfficialNew

Case Study: Secure Smart Contract Development

Introduction The objective of this section is to investigate the architectural principles, design patterns, and best practices that are necessary …

Apr 11,2024

32 min read

CyberSanctus OfficialNew Edition

The Role of Bug Bounty Programs in Web3 Security

Introduction As different industries adopt the blockchain into their systems, as an essentially software-based product, it is inevitable that software …

Apr 10,2024

5 min read

Aerial Assault: Combining Drones and Pentesting (W54)

Enter a short description of the course.This course explores the cutting-edge intersection of drone technology and cybersecurity penetration testing. As drones become more accessible and advanced, their potential for both offensive operations and defensive strategies grows. Participants will learn how to leverage drones for penetration testing while understanding the opportunities and challenges presented by aerial platforms in cybersecurity. This course covers the technical foundations of drones, offensive drone operations, defensive strategies against drones, and the ethical and legal implications of drone use in cybersecurity.

Mar 18,2024

9 min read

Aerospace Cybersecurity: Satellite Hacking (W53)

This course is meant for anyone who wants to learn more about space-related cybersecurity specifically in relation to satellite systems. This course is meant for anyone of any skill level who is interested in expanding their skill set in satellite reconnaissance and vulnerability analysis.

Jul 27,2023

11 min read

AutoSec Pro: Vehicle Cybersecurity Mastery (W52)

AutoSec Pro is an immersive course diving into the world of automotive cybersecurity, providing an in-depth understanding of modern vehicle systems and their vulnerabilities. This cutting-edge course leverages a hands-on approach to exploit and mitigate potential threats while seamlessly integrating the ISO 21434 standard. Harness the power of innovation and technology as you spearhead the effort to safeguard the future of smart transportation.

Jul 20,2023

15 min read

Rausson Course

Creating Advanced Ransomware with Golang (W51)

In this course, you will develop a hybrid ransomware using, that is, with two encryptions RSA and AES with a programming language that is gaining a lot of strength - Golang

May 12,2023

6 min read

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