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Cybersecurity in the Online Casino Industry


Cybersecurity in the Online Casino Industry

While the vast majority of online casinos are safe, like any online industry, the risk of cybercrime remains. Seeing as online casinos have huge sums of money being deposited and withdrawn each day, they are naturally a prime target for hackers. When casinos do not take measures to prevent cybercrime, they can be left vulnerable and hackers could potentially steal customers’ personal and financial details. Thankfully, all reputable and licensed online casinos take cybersecurity very seriously and use a number of methods to ensure all data remains safe and secure. Here are some of the key security methods the online casino industry employs.

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As you are sure to know, a firewall helps to establish certain parameters that determine which web traffic can be allowed. Therefore, a firewall helps unwanted traffic from entering the server of an online casino. A firewall is one of the most crucial security features an online casino possesses. It is critical for preventing the server from being attacked by malicious codes that could potentially access data. Also, a firewall helps to prevent Distributed Denial of Service, which would make the site more vulnerable to hackers.

SSL Protection

Most gamers can play games like craps, roulette, and blackjack at a domestic online casino or an offshore casino. In some countries, such as Japan, only offshore online casinos are available to residents who may be interested in how to play blackjack (ブラックジャックの遊び方 in Japanese), or the numerous other games available at online casinos. Whether people play domestically or offshore, online casinos must ensure they have safe and secure financial transactions.

All top online casinos implement Secure Socket Layer protection, which provides identification about the web server and establishes an encrypted connection within nanoseconds. All data that is being transferred is encrypted. That means even if a hacker could get hold of the information, he or she would not be able to read it. SSL protection, along with TLS, ensures players’ transactions and information are always secure. Data encryption is also used in other operations of online casinos to ensure players’ personal details are completely safe. 128-bit and 156-bit encryption is typically used to turn data into strings of unbreakable code.

Software Testing

It is not only customer and site data that online casinos need to ensure is protected. It is just as vital to make sure cybercriminals cannot hack the games the casino provides. All casino games use Random Number Generators and other technologies to ensure gameplay is fair. Licensed casinos are always monitored by official third parties to ensure fair gameplay too. But if online casinos provide games that have loopholes enabling hackers to get through the backdoor, the hackers could potentially compromise the integrity of games. Not only could hackers find a way to steal funds through compromising casino games. It would also result in the online casino gaining a bad reputation and losing its customers’ trust. That is why it is so essential that online casinos use cybersecurity methods to protect data and ensure the security of game software. So, online casinos need to continually test their games for any flaws or loopholes that could be exposed.

Without a professional high-quality cybersecurity strategy in place, both the players and the casino site will lose out. Thankfully, all licensed online casinos use the above methods to ensure complete safety. As a player, check that an online casino has an SSL certificate and a license to ensure you are playing on a secure site.

July 7, 2021
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