Cyber Security, Warfare, Deterrence - Special eBook by William F. Slater, III


Dear PenTest Readers!

With great pleasure and proud we are presenting you the newest Special eBook from PenTest!

Cyber Security, Warfare, Deterrence
by William F. Slater, III

With the author you will explore the most interesting and crucial fields of the real modern warfare, such as:

Security Compliance Framework

Wireshark and Other Tools as an Aid in Cyberwarfare and Cybercrime

Threat Assessment in Cyberwarfare and Cyberdeterrence

Cyberwarfare and Cyberdeterrence Strategies

Maximizing Responsible Control and Effectiveness

Possible Implications for the Internet-based World of Piracy and Theft of Intellectual Property

Attempting to Solve the 'Attribution Problem'

Strategic Comparative Analysis in Cyberwarfare and Cyberdeterrence

Russian Cyberwarfare Capabilities

The Rise and Fall of and Kim Dotcom

Audit Project Plan for Dalton, Walton, & Carlton, Inc.

Hacking Humans: The Story of a Successful Well-planned Social Engineering Attack

U.S. Policy Appraisal Related to Cyberwarfare and Cyberdeterrence

Policy Generation Related to Cyberwarfare and Cyberdeterrence

Discussion Questions and Answers Related to Studies in Cyberwarfare



July 15, 2019
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