In-Depth Review of the Kali Linux: A Hacker’s Bliss
By Pranshu Bajpai
Kali Linux is a blessing for Penetration Testers worldwide. It addresses many of the shortcomings of its predecessor ‘Backtrack’ and is immensly popular with professional Hackers. Here we discuss the (relatively) new Kali Linux in depth and explore the qualities that make it different from Backtrack.

Kali Linux – The BackTrack Successor
By Sonu Tiwary
On March 13, Kali, a complete rebuild of BackTrack Linux, has been released. It has been constructed on Debian and is FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) complaint. It is an advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing Linux distribution. It adhers completely to Debian development standards. However, one should not treat Kali Linux exactly the same as Debian…

Kali Linux Wi-Fi Testing
By Steve Poulsen
In this article, we will explore penetration testing of a wireless 802.11 (WiFi) network using Kali Linux. We ail limit our testing to WAP which is of more interest to professionally secured WiFi networks. It is also beneficial for us to focus on the command-line tools in order to provide better understanding of the steps involved. This will help us gain a deeper understanding which will help us to adapt our testing beyond standard recipes. The following general steps will be followed in order to better perform a WiFi security assessment and to afterward further lock-down our systems.

Web Applications with Kali Linux
By Fatty Lamin
Many penetration testers and serious hackers use Linux-based open source penetration test tools from which to launch their attacks. Kali Linux contains a number of tools that can be used by security professionals during a security assessment process and vulnerability assessment. In this article, we will begin with a brief overview of Kali’s features then focus on how to perform web application testing using the tools installed in Kali Linux.

Penetration testing with Linux
By Kevin Pescatello
Penetration testing with Linux is one of the best ways to perform tests. It is a versatile tool. This article will cover using Backtrack5 RC3 and Armitage for the test as it was executed during the pen test. This article may not cover all features of Armitage. However, in order to provide you a better understanding of Amritage, Kali will be used as well in different screenshots.

Bypassing new generation Firewalls with Meterpreter and SSH Tunnels
By Ignacio Sorribas
In this article we seen how in some cases the firewall detects malicious code and is capable of blocking the connections, but also demonstrated how easy it is to bypass this restriction.

The top 10 Kali Linux Security Tools
By Wolf Halton
This article is not the place to detail the features of all these tools, but perhaps the tools that the developers consider to be the top 10 could be covered to some benefit to people considering putting Kali into their network security toolbox.

Interview with Demóstenes Zegarra Rodríguez
By Milena Bobrowska

Case Study: Analysis of Security and Penetration Tests for Wireless Networks with Kali Linux
By Demóstenes Zegarra Rodríguez
The focus of this study is to perform penetration tests through a Linux distribution, Kali, which has a collection of security and forensics tools.

Mapping Kali Usage to NIST800-115
By Jeff Weekes and Carlos Villalba
Kali is an invaluable platform that when coupled with a sound methodology can make a penetration tester’s life that much easier. In some cases Kali provides so many tools that novice penetration testers may struggle with how all the tools fit together and how they can be used to truly meet a client or internal customer’s penetration test objectives. In this article we will try to shed some light on how Kali can be used with a penetration testing methodology to streamline the penetration testing process and create a stronger deliverable for the client.

Interview with Jeff Weekes
By Milena Bobrowska


July 23, 2021
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