Dear PenTest Readers,

We would like to present a new issue of Pentest Magazine. If you have heard about one of the most powerful tool for Penetration Testing – Kali Linux, but never worked with it, after reading this issue you will be able to start using it.  In this publication, you will learn more about:

1. For beginners: Have your first experience with Kali Linux! 2. Practical guide about Kali  in one article! 3. Kali Linux loaded with SNMP, which is a small but very useful tools for exploiting. 4. If you want to learn how to monitor your network, you will find the article describes clearly analysis of different open source network. 5. Next you will be able to analyze Flu botnet and improve your own malware detection systems. 6. For professionals: Interested in Social Engineering? Check vulnerability of the systems by taking advantage of tools at your disposal. 7. Attack scenarios: Get to know about secrets of password security and protect your password on different systems. 8. Discovering metasploit as the rapid creation of exploits: Use Metasploit for developing and executing exploits against Device Under Test. The author step-by-step describes the use of Metasploit tool. Take this great knowledge with Pentest Magazine!

This magazine is a fortaste of the new workshops.

Workshops will be dedicated to specialists who want to level up their professional skills in network security and for all students who are interested in a career as a Pentester. If you looking for a formal proof of your Pentesting qualification? PenTest workshops has been designed to achieve this goal. Workshops will ended with certificate of professional qualifications, after passing final exam conducted by an expert.

Each workshop will cost 400 USD for 3 months, but now you can take the opportunity to buy subscribtion for one year with all magazines and workshops only for 450 USD. PS. All members with active subscribtion will have an access to workshops till it expire.

Frutiful study, Pentest Mag Team

This is a FREE teaser. It contains several articles from the full issue.


July 23, 2021
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