Workshop's eBook: Metasploit Framework. Run a fully functional lab environment for your penetration testing

PenTest (1).pdf

Dear Subscribers,

We are proud to present a new eBook! In new issue, we are highliting secrets of Metasploit.

Table of Contents:


  1. Deploy a fully sand boxed network running on Virtualbox to do all the testing you need
  2. Have a fully exploitable server at your disposal
  3. Configure and use a full functional Checkpoint firewall
  4. Deploy your Metasploit Framework with Kali Linux
  5. Configure and deploy a fully working Cisco Router
  6. Grasp basic navigation concepts and commands of the Metasploit Framewwork
  7. Recreate a fully functional network for present and future testing
  8. Run Nmap from inside Metasploit
  9. Do stealth scans on the target network
  10. Customize the database inside Metasploit
  11. Save the scan results inside Metasploit DB
  12. Use auxiliary modules to discover about anything
  13. Use the database to check the results of your scans
  14. Exploit using multiple techniques a compromised host
  15. Open sessions in our target and issue local commands
  16. Use auxiliary exploits to compromise the host and open a session using different techniques
  17. Use the Metasploit database in conjunction with the exploits
  18. Automate the penetration testing process
  19. Understand the concept of payloads
  20. Create your own payload
  21. Compromise a Windows machine
  22. Integrate custom created payloads with the Metasploit framework
  23. Create advance payloads to avoid AV detection
  24. Code from scratch your own payload


We are sure that you will like work with Metasploit, we gave much effort for you to explain everything step by step.

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Taking part in the course will get you:

  • More material;
  • Instructor's guidance;
  • Exercises and challenges;
  • Open discussion with the instructor and other students;
  • Certificate of Completion.


PenTest (1).pdf

July 23, 2021
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6 years ago

When I purchased this account, Milena told me that I would get all these publications free. And now, you changed without telling me. That’s bullshit! It is unethical.

Nelson Jboy
6 years ago

Say I need to upgrade my account free download ebook why ?

Rodney Brandon Kneece
6 years ago

Say I need to upgrade my account free download ebook bullshit I say

6 years ago

Thanks for the document

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