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An Overview on Mobile Security

by Senthilraj Gnanasekar

In today’s world smart phones, IPAD’s and tablets are being used for GPS navigations, Social networking applications, cross platform mobile messaging, e-mail, Banking payments and many other applications. Mobile security has not kept pace with traditional computer security. This article presents concept of mobile security, mobile attacks.

Mobile Security Testing

by Sandeep Chanda and Sridhar Bhamidipalli

In this article, we will review the mobile landscape, various security threats, architecture/design and few examples of tools that a relevant to platforms to handle these threats. This is a basic article, but effective.

PenTesting Mobile

by Longinus Timochenco

Scan or PenTest? Pentest It is an option to study different forms of intrusion that may occur. But vulnerability and Scan, which performs a system analysis to identify possible failures? They do not have the same function? Examples of tools PenTest for Mobiles and difference between PenTest and Scan you will find in this article.

Smartphone PenTest Framework (SPF) Up and Running in Kali Linux

by Bhargav Tandel

Smartphone PenTest Framework is a tool for penetration testing the android smartphone. Install Smartphone PenTest Framework in Kali Linux step-by step.Also read about Install Android SDK Tool.

Android InSecurity

by Enrico Bruno Del Zotto

Android has a layer of abstraction (Application Framework) and lacks the native windowing system, glibc and most of the standard utilities of Linux, which gives it a very unique anatomy. Article will provide information about the uncertainty on the Android platform and weaknesses within the application.

Making Android Phone As Attack Platform

by Vikas Jain

This is a tutorial in which you read how to scan a mobile phone using rooted Android Phone. What is rooting? How install BackTrack on your phone? The answer to this question can also be found in this article.

Misuses of Cryptography

by Yuval Nativ

Established in many field cryptography it has been developed for ages and it is being passed in a constant stage of evolution. In this article read about concepts related to cryptography, cryptography tools and real uses of cryptography.

Cryptographic Best Practices for Message Level Security

by Pradeep Pundir

Cryptographic best practices dictate that even where confidentiality rather than integrity is the overriding concern the cipher-text itself should be given integrity protection. Implementing Message Level Security, Transport Level Security, Message Level Security and integrity protection of the cipher-test – you will learn more about it from this article.

How to Use VEGA in Kali Linux

by Rajesh Kumar

SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), inadvertently Disclosed sensitive information, and other vulnerabilities. Testing of web application security with the help of VEGA.

White Paper on Web Application Security Testing & Compliance

by Isha Gupta

The Web Appliaction security is a part of Information Security that deals mostly with security of websites, web applications and web services or whatever used to browse over the web. Web application security and compliance should be a top priority for enterprise and users.


July 23, 2021
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