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Drone technology, cyber threats, and recommended security testing practices


A drone word is derived from the word “male honey bee”. The field of airborne vehicles that run without a pilot on board, either autonomously or through remote control, is known as drone technology. 

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also referred to as a drone, is a tiny to even bigger-sized aircraft. A remote controller uses GPS (a variety of satellites) and radio frequency to control a drone. It can be controlled by software to enable autonomous flight, or it can be controlled remotely by a pilot. Drones frequently have propellers to stabilize their flying patterns and cameras to record visual data. 

There are smartphone applications which controls the camera angle as well as the still and video.

Drone technology is being used in many use cases, like logistics (package delivery), agriculture (crop monitoring and health assessment), terrain mapping, livestock management, traffic monitoring and patrolling, policing, law enforcement support and surveillance, environmental monitoring, extensive disaster management, firefighting and rescue operations, wildfire monitoring and prevention, wireless communications, search and rescue operations, etc. 

Yet, drones are also raising concerns about safety, security, and privacy. It is important for the users of Drone to comply....

June 26, 2024


Dr. Shekhar Pawar
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