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Good Places to Study Cybersecurity


Good Places to Study Cybersecurity

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Mobile phones, computers, cars, and even some household appliances bind themselves and their owners with a huge amount of data. Indeed, information systems in business, trade, and finance have reached a global level. But at the same time, the number of threats related to damage or substitution of this data grows. Therefore, cybersecurity specialists are more sought-after than ever! They protect the information, predict what the criminals aim to do, and create a secure architecture for using data.

Today, cybersecurity professionals work not only in large financial and IT companies but also in government agencies and defense departments. Such institutions are ready to employ talented pros due to the increase in the number of cybercrimes and cases of cyber terrorism.  

Unfortunately, hacker attacks are registered in all corners of the world. So, which university should you choose to get the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the cybersecurity field?

University of Alabama at Birmingham

One can go for a Cyber Security specialization in Computer Sciences program at the University of Alabama Birmingham. The reasons are plenty! Here, students learn methods for saving databases and monitoring activity in networks. They also explore the ways to protect information and technologies for repelling hacker attacks. Seems that the study load is pretty huge, right?

Of course, it would be wise to start preparing for admission early to understand the specifics in advance. And if you entrust other tasks to an academic essay writer at EssayPro, you will free up the necessary time and energy for yourself. After all, nothing is impossible when you have someone to rely on.

So, let’s go back to the university program. The focus is also on cryptography and cloud security. Interestingly, education is conducted in the ultra-modern Center for Cyber ​​Security. And it already has its own history of cybercrime investigations, research projects, and commercially successful startups. Plus, students use the most advanced software that is continuously updated.

As for diplomas, you can get:

  • The graduate-level Cyber Security Certificate. To enroll, you need to have a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited school;
  • M.S. in Cyber Security. There are no specific requirements for your bachelor's degree, but you should be familiar with the main areas of the program. In addition, students often need to complete a series of required courses to be enrolled.

So, what awaits you after school? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the IT field is to grow 13 percent through 2026. And these occupations are to add about 557 000 new jobs. Indeed, every organization and enterprise deals with cybersecurity issues. As a result, there's a need for 2 million professionals all over the world. Of course, companies themselves are trying to educate employees about the best cybersecurity practices. Would you like to learn something for yourself? Read this article to always keep your data safe.

City University London

If you are interested in studying outside the US, be sure to pay attention to this famous university. Located in one of Europe's most vibrant cities, it has good positions in rankings, including being third in London for student satisfaction. The university is very multinational: there are educators from over 75 countries.

Before starting an undergraduate program (3 years) after high school, you need to complete a preparatory course called Foundation (1 year). It gives you an introductory knowledge of the subjects and develops the necessary skills.

In addition to the diplomas of the university itself, all graduates receive a special professional accreditation, the Chartered Institute for IT (BCS). Thus, graduates don’t need to take additional tests and courses to join the community of British IT specialists.

Do you already have a diploma related to IT? Then, choose the master's program in Cyber ​​Security. A year of study will cost you about £20,000. It consists of six compulsory modules, two ones that you can select yourself and a project that you finish together with your supervisor. The Master's program lasts for 12 months, and in the meantime, you can undergo a 6-months internship. 

As for the career perspectives, the employment rate of City University graduates is over 90%, so you will surely find something for yourself. 

Macquarie University in Sydney

Have you always wanted to live in Australia? Now, you can combine business with pleasure by enrolling at Macquarie University. This school, together with Optus (an Australian telecommunications company), founded the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub. This is an ultra-modern hub for developing and applying cyber protection tools. The hub is used not only for research and security of business projects, but it is also open to all university students. 

With such an approach, students learn theory and solve real cybersecurity problems of companies and organizations. Yes, it will certainly be different from the usual lectures about web browsers or programming languages.

At Macquarie University, cybersecurity is studied at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The first one lasts for 3 years (+1 year for a special introductory Foundation course if you graduated from school in another country). The Master’s program is 2 years long. A preparatory course for this is not required. But the main thing (in addition to English proficiency) is to have a bachelor’s diploma in the same or a close field.

As for the fees, the Bachelor of Cybersecurity Program would cost you 119 400 AUD, which is approximately 84 thousand US dollars. Like any good school, Macquarie University offers scholarships to brilliant students. They typically range from A$10,000 to A$15,000 each.

As for the future, Australia is a country with an open migration policy. Thus, you can get a graduate visa and stay in the country for anywhere between 18 months up to 4 years, depending on your qualification, to find a job.

To Wrap It Up

According to the Data Age 2025 report published by an IDC analyst firm, there will be 163 zettabytes of data worldwide by 2025. Professionals also mention that the bulk of it will be produced not by users but by companies. And a fifth of all information will be considered critical for the people's safety and global peace.

Moreover, each of these bytes can be attacked. Add to this the blockchain development and fastly-growing cryptocurrency market (by the way, more and more students invest in crypto), and you will see what the job's main drivers are. That is why the need for cybersecurity specialists is so great. We hope that you will select the college of your dreams and apply the gained knowledge in practice!

May 20, 2022
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