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KERnano : The No-Install Pen Testing Tool (for Windows & Linux)

KERnano : The No-Install Pen Testing Tool (for Windows & Linux)

by Ash Noor, aka [ ryn0f1sh ]

Hello Internet,
I’m SUPER excited to announce that KERnano is alive, and ready for the public. It is an Open Source, No Install, Python 3-Based, Pen Testing kit. That means it is a light-weight box of tools that you can keep in a flash drive.
The “No-Install” comes from having an “exe” and “ELF” executable files, which would allow you to run it on either a Windows or a Linux machine. Just double click and go. If you do decided to use the .py files, you will need to install some libraries.

// The Ten Tools

There are 10 tools in total, broken down into 3 sections and an off-shoot tool called “Wordlister” .
1. Pen Testing Tools.
2. PDF Kit.
3. General Tools.
4. Wordlister.

Some of the tools will look familiar, because KERnano is based on two of my previous multi-tools “PyAlly” & “CTF Ware”. I took what I learned from those attempts, added new tools, made old ones better, and created this new and improved multi-tool. Let me show you what’s in each section.

Pen Testing Tools

You give it your IP and the Target's IP, and it will give you a text file with Kali/Parrot commands with the IPs already injected.
 Common commands for Nmap, GoBuster, KiteRunner, ect. 
A local Base64 Encoder / Decoder.  
URL Checker. 
You can give it a single URL, or a text file of URLs.
It would check if they are "Up" (200), and if they are SSL enabled or not.
When you use the "text file of URLs", it will give you back 2 text files:
  One for the active SSL enabled sites.
  One for the active SSL disabled sites.    
Port Scanner.
A very basic port scanning tool, using the python-nmap library.
This gives you two options:
   Scan all the ports.
   Scan a specific range.    

Full Disclosure:
This tool is a bit slow, I used Mr. David Bombal's code as the catalyst for this.
Hopefully in future versions I would be able to make it faster with a bit more features.


Text Extractor. 
You give it a PDF, it will extract the information and give it to you in a text file.
Currently it only works with English (ASCII) PDFs.
I'm hoping to develop this to work with other (Unicode) based languages.

Password Remover. 
If you have a password protected PDF and its's password.
This tool will create a non-password protected copy of the PDF for you.

General Tools

To help you figure out the "CHMOD" code for a file.
Through simple choices, it asks you the permissions you want each section of a file needs.
And at the end it gives you the numeric code, and shows you what file permission would look like.

Helps you convert "L33t Sp34k" to normal text, and vice versa.

Note Maker. 
A quick way to create a note for a CTF, to help you organize.
It will ask you for the name of the CTF, the URL, and how many flags are in your challenge.
Based on that, it will give you a text file with the name and url of your CTF on the top of the page.
And pre-separated sections for the number of flags you mentioned.  

I found this to be helpful when I'm working on CTFs that would take me longer then one session to complete.
A good way to keep the information of the challenge, and thoughts organized.


This tool accepts text files or PDFs, it would extract the text and provide you with a worldlist in a text file.
It will have no duplicate words, no numbers, and no special characters.
This a simple and quick way to create custom wordlists for your projects.

// Download KERnano

If you’d like to use this tool, here is the GitHub Repo.
It includes the source code, and No-Installation executables for Windows & Linux. If you want to learn more about KERnano, and how to support the tool, just check the website.

Thank you for reading.
Code The Planet.
-ryn0f1sh (Ash N.) |

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November 24, 2022
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