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Looking at active Cyber Threats with LeakIX

Looking at active Cyber Threats with LeakIX by Eva Prokofiev Yesterday I posted on my Twitter a discovery I made from one of my Chinese sources, what I discovered is an interesting search engine called 'LeakIX'. "LeakIX is a an engine indexing all services and web applications on IPv4 & now IPv6"....

October 24, 2020
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who wouldhavethought
who wouldhavethought
2 years ago

This is bullshit – it is not a “useful resource”, it is a *dangerous* resource, ie it allows you to search for compromised systems which can then be hacked. This sort of bullshit should not be allowed. If it finds compromised systems it should report those to the relavant people, not publish the vulnerability on the web for all to see. This website is almost literally like someone going round all the houses in a town, trying all the doors and windows, and then publishing a list of all the houses with unlocked doors and windows, when the appropriate ethical… Read more »

10 months ago

Even more fun:

The bot they use to scrape websites doesn’t even attempt to fetch robots.txt, instead relying on you sending an email to opt out of their garbage, which is absolute BS.

Coupled with them using DigitalCesspool for hosting said bot you know they’re a scummy outfit, before even considering the rest of their behaviour.

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