Dear PenTest Readers
Nowadays, mobile phones have become very common – almost everybody has one. With the technological development, it more and more often happens that one possesses a Adnroid or iOS based smartphone. These devices are so advanced that they are in fact becoming mobile computers which makes them more vulnerable for intrusion.
This pack contains several of our issues focused on mobile penetration testing. Now, you have all our advice on securing your phone in one place. The issues included in the bundle are as follows:
- PenTest 05/2011: Mobile Hack
- PenTest 04/2013: How to Pentest Mobile Apps?
- PenTest Extra 03/2011: Mobile Pentesting
- PenTest WebApp 01/2013: Application Pentesting Toolkit
- PenTest Extra 04/2012: Unsecured Mobile Devices

April 9, 2014

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