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Navigating AWS Cloud Security: Insights from a Red Team Manager

Jul 14, 2023


Penetration testing is driven mainly by a deep passion for understanding the inner mechanisms of systems and overcoming built-in limitations, and offers a captivating journey into cybersecurity. As a passionate pen-tester (and Red Team manager...), my experience in this field has been marked by unique challenges and fascinating discoveries, especially in (breaking) cloud security. In this article, I will share insights, strategies, and lessons learned from my role, shedding light on the complexities of AWS cloud-based penetration testing.

Embracing Curiosity and Overcoming Cloud-Based Challenges

I was driven to become a penetration tester by my natural curiosity about how systems work and my desire to overcome their limitations. Cloud-based challenges have presented numerous opportunities for exploration, ranging from the discovery of exposed S3 buckets containing sensitive information to the ability to exploit vulnerabilities that enable unauthorized fund transfers between bank accounts. By maintaining a diverse skill set and fostering curiosity, penetration testers can effectively navigate these challenges in cloud environments.

Cloud platforms introduce unique complexities due to shared security responsibilities between organizations and cloud service providers. This is usually where all the misconfiguration is happening. Understanding the nuances of these responsibilities is crucial for identifying potential weaknesses and focal points during penetration testing engagements. Moreover, the dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure, with its elastic scaling and automated deployments, demands continuous learning to stay updated on the latest cloud technologies and....

July 14, 2023
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