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New Issue of ClubHACK Magazine Is Out Now

Hello Readers,
The 27th Issue - April 2012 is out now!
From this month we have started a new section - Code Gyan. Code Gyan section will focus on good programming practices and snippets to mitigate various vulnerabilities.
Hope you like it.







This issue covers following articles:-

0x00 Tech Gyan - XSS – The Burning issue in Web Application
0x01 Tool Gyan - Sysinternals Suite
0x02 Mom's Guide - Decoding ROT using the Echo and Tr Commands in your Linux Terminal
0x03 Legal Gyan - Provisions of Sec. 66B
0x04 Matriux Vibhag - How to enable WiFi on Matriux running inside VMWare
0x05 Code Gyan - Local File Inclusion
0x05 Poster -

PDF version can be download from:-
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Team CHMag

April 17, 2012

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