Penetration testing, security audit and forensics: quality, practice and best solutions.




Penetration testing, security audit and forensics: quality, practice and best solutions.

PentestIT - a team of professionals in the field of information security practices. Provides comprehensive penetration testing services and IT security assessments, our experts have consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism, making the search for vulnerabilities in the most secure services: Google, AT&T, Facebook, Yandex, Vkontakte,

PentestIT experts at international forums as speakers, to develop unique penetration testing lab (vulnerable IT infrastructure), which involved experts from around the world of information security. Actively developing international links, we provide our services to the largest companies around the world: United States, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan. Today «PentestIT» - this is a great team of like-minded, ready to solve the most complex problems.

Our world-class security engineering team delivers expert guidance to help you protect your critical infrastructure, harden web applications, safeguard confidential data, and improve security awareness throughout your organization. This service can be customized to include:

  • External or internal network penetration tests to assess operating system and services vulnerabilities;
  • Client-side penetration testing to assess end-user susceptibility to phishing & other social engineering threats;
  • Application penetration testing.

PentestIT’s penetration testing services mimic the tactics of malicious attackers by attempting to break into your network from the Internet or other external vantage point. By conducting these tests in a controlled and non-destructive fashion, we can safely identify known vulnerabilities and then help you remediate those risks before a hacker can exploit them.

Website security audits or web application assessments are in-depth tests that specifically evaluate web-based assets for security flaws or insecure processes. PentestIT's methodology follows the 2013 OWASP Top 10 List of web application security risks. In addition, our expert engineers perform manual analysis as well, evaluating business logic (race condition) and identifying even more sophisticated attack vectors.

Internal IT security audits are necessary to identify vulnerabilities that may exist on your internal network. Such flaws can result from non-optimal network design, configuration errors, viruses or malware, outdated software, insecure passwords and other poorly implemented controls. 

Unfortunately, theft of corporate data, hacking and bank customers are not just isolated cases, and already is a real threat, gaining momentum. Protect your business from external and internal exposure, give cyber criminals a decent answer![email protected]



August 18, 2014

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