PenTest Magazine May Issue

Our May issue will be available soon. Here's what you will find inside.

Heuristic Methods vs. Automated Scanners

Who's the most efficient? Humans? Machines? Or equally both in conjunction?

Building a better Penetration Test Report

We like to explain exactly how clever we are and exactly how we found an issue but how to fix it is usually the last thing on our minds. How to build a better, useful and “digestible” pen test report.

How Fuzzy Are You Today?

What do you do if your targets are fully patched and you do not find any configuration issues during a penetration test? Do you take the “blue pill” and tell the client he’s safe (and everybody’s happy) or do you take the “red pill” and go deep into the rabbit hole to find those hidden bugs? Let’s take the red pill and see what happens… A guide to client-side fuzzing using Peach.

...and more.

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April 26, 2011

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