How Biometrics Enhance Our Enterprise Security - PenTest Regular 10/12 - Pentestmag

How Biometrics Enhance Our Enterprise Security - PenTest Regular 10/12

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Biometrics: The Struggles of a Misunderstood Technology
by Bogdan Nacuta
This article has a dual purpose: to provide insight into the world of biometrics, by explaining how some of the systems actually work behind the scenes; and by doing so, to clear up some of the misconceptions that many people have regarding this technology. You will find information on the most popular biometrics, including fingerprint, iris, face, vascular pattern recognition and others.

Biometrics as a Second Factor of Authentication
by José Alberto Canedo
With the main platforms welcoming and integrating biometrics into their authentication systems, this article discuss when and how biometrics can be a security element and what are the major obstacles to its adoption. We show how Microsoft and Google are playing the biometric card.

Biometrics: Something More Than Security
by Marcos Faundez-Zanuy
In this article you will find that biometrics is something beyond security because it has applications and implications in health and ambient intelligence. You should know that sometimes these applications are not independent. Some relationship exists between them and once a biometric signal is provided, several kinds of information can be extracted.

How Biometrics Enhance Our Enterprise Security
by Shubhra Deo
The word “Biometric” make us feel that it is all about biology, right…? Wrong! It’s more about pattern matching. When you read the title biometrics and the first thought which came to your mind was fingerprint and retina scans, then you must continue reading to expand your view on the wide range of biometrics that are in use today and another set of biometrics on which research is still going.

Biometric Security by Means of Online Handwritten Text
by Enric Sesa Nogueras
You will learn about online handwritten text, a biometric modality that benefits from modern acquisition devices capable of recording the invisible parts of the handwriting. You will also learn that these invisible parts (the in-air trajectories) have a considerable recognition potential, which makes them suitable to discriminate among writers.

The Problem with Biometrics for Establishing Identity
by Colin Renouf
In this article we will look at how the non-IT parts of biometric identity cards are used to access a biometric identity, but why the lack of proper standards in this physical area inhibits the use of a true and complete biometric identification process. Security professionals working with biometric identities should understand the issues, which are outside the realms of IT, and should push for proper standards.

Problems Biometrics Make Worse - Identity Validity Escalation in Enterprise CRM Systems
by Colin Renouf
In this article we will cover at a high level how master data management (MDM) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems work, and how this can represent a risk to how much we trust the use of a validated biometric identity. We will also look at how a criminal can access and steal the use of this trusted identity. Security professionals need to understand these processes and ensure the objectives of confidentiality and integrity are adhered to.

Biometrics: A Panacea to Verifying and Authenticating Identity?
by Juliet Lodge
Biometric applications that allow machines automatically to verify or authenticate a match between a code and an item give rise to over-optimistic expectations as to their reliability and what they can do, notably in the service of public policy objectives like territorial border controls requiring identity assurance.

How Effective is Face Recognition in an Airport?
by Andreas Tryfonos
Have you ever tried to go on a vacation and had to miss your summer holiday because when passing through airport security the system says it is not you? Well, this can happen. Nowadays, airports are adopting the face recognition system which takes a picture of you and compares it with the one stored on your passport. What happens if the picture taken is not under normal conditions?

Security Measures to Consider When Preparing for a BYOD Environment
by Thabo Manqele
Consumers and enterprises are adopting mobile device for professional use to increase productivity which has since become the topic of discussion amongst industry leaders. Terms like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and consumeration are used to define this trend in information technology. At some point, every organisation will have to consider whether to include the mobile device as part of its IT strategy.

Penetration Testing: Protecting Networks and Systems
by William Whitney
Are you a security expert looking to refresh your skills or a newcomer into the security field? Then Kevin Henry’s “Penetration Testing: Protecting Networks and Systems” is a must read. This book gives you just the right amount of information without the overload of most self-study books covering everything from reconnaissance to reporting.

A 24/7 Geek? Interview with Michael Largue, CEO of Biotecnix Limited
by Aby Rao
At the age of 8 he was curious what made things tick and how little green boards (PCB's) as we know them could control moving parts. His dad's electric shaver was the first bit of hardware he pulled apart/broke/fixed and tried to hide all evidence. Then the fun began when he was introduced to a Tandy TRS-80/Commodore 64's/Spectrum/Atari's. Over the 22 years he has worked for some of the world’s leading IT organisations and now he is the CEO of Biotecnix Limited.

‘Pass the Gauss’
by Adam Kujawa
If you have been keeping up with current malware news, you would have heard about a new form of “Super-Malware” known as ‘Gauss’. Gauss is essentially banker malware with a state-sponsored twist. Discovered in the Middle East, Gauss had been infecting the same general area as Flame.

by Marc Gartenberg
This series of articles presents an in-depth analysis of the detailed policies contained in The National Industry Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) or otherwise known as DoD 5220.22.

Save the Database, Save the World! - Chapter 8
by John B. Ottman

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