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AWS Pentesting: A Practical Compendium


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Dear PenTest Readers,

Cloud infrastructure is getting a more important role in IT businesses every year. As one of the most popular platforms is Amazon Web Services, we have prepared a special bundle that will help you start your journey with AWS pentesting. 

This package contains a magazine edition, with tutorials and articles on the topic, and one of our bestselling blast online courses - “Defending the Clouds: AWS Pentesting”. Therefore, it will give you an excellent and thorough introduction to the topic, providing you with proper background knowledge and crucial hands-on experience to test your acquired skills!

This pack includes:



"Defending the Clouds: AWS Pentesting" - 2 hours of practical online blast course

"AWS Pentesting" - whole magazine edition

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In the online course you will learn:

  • AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) Console
  • Methods to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in cloud Infrastructure
  • The functionalities, commands, and methods of implementation of the awscli tool

And all of it using the HazProne pentesting framework, designed by our instructor especially for this course!

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All the videos are pre-recorded (and captioned), so the course is self-paced and you can go through the materials whenever you want. Upon completion, you’ll get a certificate and 2 CPE points.

In the magazine you will read about:

  • PACU: The AWS Exploitation Framework Equivalent to METASPLOIT
  • Advanced Techniques to Pentest Web and Mobile Applications Hosted in Cloud Environment
  • Cognitive Hacking of a resource in AWS Cloud
  • and more!

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As you can see, the package is an excellent compendium for every pentester who wants to start his adventures in the AWS environment. You will get loads of relevant and up-to date knowledge, with a focus on learning through your own practice. All of it with a special bundle price!

There is no doubt that skills in AWS pentesting are a great asset for your professional dossier, so why wait?

Please note that this product is not available in the downloads section, as our subscribers already have full access to the products which are parts of the bundle, accordingly to their subscription plans.


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