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Dear PenTest Readers,

The offensive cybersecurity of cars is a tremendously dynamic field right now. No matter if we think about autonomous vehicles, or just classically-driven, new-generation advanced cars, there are millions of lines of code involved. As we all know, this implies a huge number of existing and potential vulnerabilities to pay attention to.  

To address this urgent need, along with our sister project - Hakin9 Magazine - we introduce a new exciting bundle to our library! “Car Pentesting Bundle” is a comprehensive and up-to-date compendium on cybersecurity of the automotive industry. In these two excellent editions that create a package, you’ll find plenty of practical tutorials and case studies written by prominent experts. Apart from hands-on write-ups, there are also articles for managerial perspectives.

Getting the bundle means the discounted price! Grab your package and pay less than when purchasing these two editions separately!

The highlights of the package are: 

  • CAN Bus Exploitation 101
  • Detecting “Undetectable” Vulnerabilities When Fuzz Testing Advanced Automotive Systems
  • Car Hacking with Raspberry Pi
  • Basics of Using SDR Against Keyless Entry Systems
  • Current State and Posture of Automotive Security
  • A Tutorial on Automated Fuzz Testing of Embedded Software
  • Car Hacking: Exploring Security Risks of Autonomous Vehicles
  • 5 Cyberattacks on Vehicles
  • and MUCH MORE!

D(r)ive into car pentesting realm and enjoy the content! :)

PenTest and Hakin9 Magazines’ Editorial Teams

This pack includes: 

Automotive Security - whole issue

Car Hacking - whole issue

Please note that this product is not available in the downloads section, our subscribers have access to the parts of the bundle already, depending on their subscription plans. 

This particular product is for single purchase only.


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