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In this e-book you will find text materials presented in the course “Effectively measuring and communicating pentest results. A CISO perspective.” During this course you will learn the major aspects of the penetration testing process that provides the most value to a security technician’s organization to improve its overall security posture. Much more goes on behind the scenes after the pentest report is delivered to various elements of the information security team, including the CISO. It’s important that the pentest is conducted and formatted in a manner in which senior leadership can make business decisions as a result of the pentest.

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You will learn:
• Steps, tips and different ways of how to describe your work in an efficient way,
• How to create good presentation: what should it contain and what to avoid,
• How the PenTest results will be used to reduce risk to the organization,
• How to convert Technical Speak into Business Talk.

Here is the table presenting content that you will learn from this ebook:

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