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Netsparker Web Application Scanner - Introduction + Lab Setup (W14)


Skills and Knowledge aquired after the workshop:

Conduct web applications scan with Netsparker, Understand reports and remediate found vulnerabilities.

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Plan of workshop

Module 1:

Introduction to Netsparker.

  • What is web application scanning?
  • Common Web application attacks

BWAPP  or a buggy web application, is a free and open source deliberately insecure web application.

  • What is bwapp?
  • How to use it

Module 2:

Lab setup, install and configure Netsparker on Windows 7 VM

  •  Install netsparker on Windows 7 in Virtualbox
  • Setup BWAPP VM in Virtual box
  • Install and configure Privoxy and TOR proxy to use with Netsparker on the Windows 7 VM

Module 3

Launch a first quick scan on BWAPP appliance with netsparker

  • Review and understand the tests performed by netsparker

Module 4

Advanced Scanning with netsparker:

  • Create your own Scan Policies
  • Manual scan

Module 5

Reporting and analysing Netsparker reports

  • Type of reports netsparker can produce
  • OWASP TOP report
  • PCI Compliance report

Module 6

Integrate Netsparker with other products

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