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IT PACK Premium (Students)


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With this subscription you will get access not only to the PenTest, Hakin9 and eForensics archives and newest issues, but also to all our online courses.

This subscription is the same as PenTest Premium Subscription, but extended by Hakin9 and eForensics content.


Each magazine publish regular monthly issues, so during the year that your subscription is valid you will be able to read at least 36 new magazines!

What’s more couple times a year each magazine publish workshop issues, that contain text material from our online courses.


All our courses fall into two categories Available For Single Purchase and Membership Only Access. Without this subscription you can only buy courses from the first category, but you are not able to access courses from the second category.

We try to publish one course per 2 months. All our courses are self-paced. After finishing a course you receive CPE credits and course certificate with your own certificate code. Majority of our courses are 4 modules long. If the course is new, one module is published once per week. Courses contain multiple choice tests or assignments, and each one of them ends with a final exam.

Hakin9 magazine

You will find there the best technical solutions and latest trends in IT security. Inside the magazine, you can read about top trends in tools and techniques used to secure your system better. Our GitHub Corner present you popular and unknown tools, so you can always find something interesting. Hakin9 content is very resourceful to IT professionals and enthusiasts.

eForensics magazine:
eForensics is focused on digital forensics. It covers all aspects of electronic forensics, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions. The content is devoted to the best digital forensics service providers, who will show you the digital forensics world from their perspective.

Your access will be active after sending us an e-mail with a confirmation of your student status to


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