Penetration Testing Apps for Android Devices


Understand the Android ecosystem and application architecture.
Understand components of the Android data storage and security models.
Identify specific threats and risks associated with the Android mobile platform.
Perform a hands-on penetration test and reverse engineer an Android application.
Use your powerfull Android device.
Perform profetional security analysis of your network, or your business network, from point zero.
Understand all the risks and vulnerabilities that your business network can have, how to find them, and how to secure them, with step-by-step tutorials.

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How to capture and analyze network traffic on Android devices and extract sensitive information and files from a packet capture from an Android device

Penetration Testing With Android Applications
Kali Linux installation on Android Devices
Kali Linux on Android setup and use
Kali NetHunter custom ROM official Installation (Nexus Devices, OnePlus One)
Kali NetHunter custom ROM unofficial Installation
Kali NetHunter presentation
Penetration Testing with Kali NetHunter:
HID Attack
BadUSB MITM Attack
On the Fly backdoor creation (Backdoor Factory)
Social Engineering with SET
Wireless Cracking with Android:
WEP cracking
WPA/WPA2 cracking
WPS cracking
MANA Evil access point setup
Aircrack-ng setup and use
Trafic analyzing with Android
RF analyzing
Hardware implementation and Hardware hacking

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