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With this subscription you will get access not only to the PenTest Mag's new editions and archives, but also to those published by our sister project - Hakin9 Magazine! 

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We publish regular monthly issues, focused on particular topic and related to offensive security and ethical hacking. Usually, around half of the articles present that topic from different angles.  The other half is composed of various cybersecurity write-ups, tutorials, and case studies. While we mostly focus on practical and technical aspects,  some part of the content might be more theoretical - it all depends on the particular edition and the nature of topics discussed. 

Hakin9 Magazine:

Hakin9 is a monthly magazine dedicated to hacking and cybersecurity. In every edition, we try to focus on different approaches to show various techniques - defensive and offensive. This knowledge will help you understand how most popular attacks are performed and how to protect your data from them. Our tutorials, case studies and online courses will prepare you for the upcoming, potential threats in the cyber security world. We collaborate with many individuals and universities and public institutions, but also with companies such as Xento Systems, CATO Networks, EY, CIPHER Intelligence LAB, redBorder, TSG, and others.

The magazines are in digital format only!


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