Purple Team Like You're Preparing For War

Purple Team Like You're Preparing For War

by Eliza May Austin

“Simply running a purple team exercise will train and develop your internal offence and defence like nothing else can.”

“if advanced threat actors want to get in, there going to, they’re is no point “wasting” resources trying to defend against them.”

Know your enemy

Polish Countess Krystyna Skarbek spied for Britain in German-occupied Europe and survived — only to be abandoned by Britain and stabbed to death by a jealous admirer in a London hotel.

Identify your critical assets

German infantry divisions were dependent on horses to pull their artillery and supplies.

Use what resources you have available

Afghan army using Soviet T-55 tanks

Secure the perimeter

Connisbrough castle

Make your workforce you’re militia

Latvian National Guard emblem

POST purple team fun

From “The Man Who Never Was” (1956)

“Winston Churchill deliberately encourages spies with corkscrew minds because he knew Hitler thought in straight lines.” [https://youtu.be/hBk3sSUB5X4]

Eliza May Austin is the CEO & Co-Founder at th4ts3cur1ty.company. Eliza is also the Founder and Director of Ladies of London Hacking Society.

The article has been originally published at: https://medium.com/@always0ddba1l/purple-team-like-your-preparing-for-war-ea17cd4d4a91

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

August 20, 2019

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