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Security Bsides Conference in Poland

Security Bsides is the only worldwide security-oriented event series where young learners meet lifelong experts. It's a one-of-a-kind event also because of its accessibility – there is no entry fee. This makes it possible to listen to speakers who wouldn't get invited to conferences organized by big corporations. Everyone – from the organizational committee to the speakers – is here on a volunteer basis, and sponsors are the only source of covering organizational costs.

Every person is welcome to participate, from interested youth through knowledge craving students to employees wishing to increase their experience and to get to know new trends in the security field.

This event can have the form of both a conference and a non-conference. Although the first form resembles exactly your typical conference, the second one gives full freedom. One can organize workshops, quizzes, games, or set up show on the beach or in the woods and „rough-house” in semi-laboratory conditions – in other words, one has complete freedom.

Our edition is planned to have the form of a conference during the first two days, with the last day being a non-conference – provided that this form of event will find its enthusiasts among the attendees.

This year's edition is happening in Poland for the first time, but numerous events were held worldwide. You can read about them here: We can ensure you that this is not the last Polish event and we plan to organize it every year. We are hoping that with each year the event will draw more people and will become a staple in conference calendars.

You can find more information about the event on its homepage:

We're hoping to see you in Poland's beautiful capital this October 12-14.

July 16, 2012

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