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STARTUP: A Web 2.0 Crawler

Web 2.0 Crawler My name is Sina Yazdanmehr. I am a penetration tester and information security consultant. My expertise is …

Feb 13,2017

3 min read

Resources and tools that will help you in your day to day activities by Vignesh

This is my first article in an international arena. Basically, from my web application testing background, I will share a …

Oct 03,2016

7 min read

Bug Bounty Programs & mobile pentesting: Apple vs. Android

With so many data breaches and hackers breaking into systems, companies constantly scan and improve their code, to make it …

Aug 22,2016

7 min read

Exploiting blind SQL injections in 'UPDATE' and 'INSERT' statements without stacked queries by Sina Yazdanmehr

Overview The SQL injection attack was introduced around 1998 for the first time. This high-level risk vulnerability can be found …

Aug 19,2016

32 min read

Enoch Anbu Arasu OfficialNew Edition

The Role Of Blockchain Technology In Supply Chains Against Cyber Threats

Abstract: The use of blockchain technology in supply chains has the potential to significantly enhance the security and resilience of …

Mar 29,2023

18 min read

Enoch Anbu Arasu OfficialNew Edition

The Role of Secure Access Service Edge in Cybersecurity

Abstract: SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a comprehensive solution that aims to improve the security of an organization's network …

Feb 25,2023

19 min read

Mehul Rajput OfficialNew Edition

Top 6 CI/CD Security Best Practices to Follow

CI/CD falls under the category of DevOps, which is formed by amalgamating both practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery. …

Feb 25,2023

9 min read

prof. Volker Skwarek OfficialNew Edition

Chatting with Rachael (ChatGPT) about Pentesting

by prof. Volker Skwarek, [email protected] In this interview, ChatGPT is challenged with the general subject of penetration testing. I wanted …

Feb 25,2023

13 min read

faiyaz Course

The Most Notorious Bugs: SQL Injection & XSS (W49)

Enter a short description of the course.

Mar 22,2023

6 min read

OSINT Tools & TTPs for Pentesters and Red Teamers (W48)

In this course, Eva Prokofiev, the prominent expert in the CTI and OSINT areas, will share with you her know-how and point of view on how to examine a target not only from a "pentester's angle”, but also from other cybersecurity perspectives.

Feb 27,2023

10 min read

Become a Smart Bug Bounty Hunter (W47)

This course will cover the majority of the OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities as well as Web Application Penetration Testing. You will begin as a newbie with no previous experience in bug bounty hunting or penetration testing.

Feb 07,2023

9 min read

Mobile Ethical Hacking (W46)

This course will teach students the basics of mobile hacking and give real world examples on how such techniques can be used. It will also provide guidance on how to use the knowledge in security audits and bug bounty hunting.

Jan 27,2023

7 min read

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