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When to go full Spartan Defense in Data Management?

When to go full Spartan Defense in Data Management?

Protecting a great load of data has become especially overwhelming during the pandemic. And any failure to secure essential data and prevent its unauthorized disclosure could put companies at risk of damaging their reputation and affecting the company’s future.

As we already know, data is the pillar of any organization. For that reason, its protection shouldn’t be overlooked. Instead, companies should look for the most efficient ways to secure it and prevent its potential exposure to internal and external threats.

There are many different ways to protect your company’s data, and they range from simple to more advanced. And by implementing the latest cybersecurity measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of data loss or illegal use.

When it’s the right time to protect your data? The time is now!

In this article, we’ll go through essential ways to protect data and continue to do your business with peace of mind.

Why Is It Important to Protect Data?

When the company is capable of handling sensitive data efficiently, customers show more respect and loyalty to them. In addition, organizations must prove transparency, integrity, and security in all stages of collecting and processing personal data.

Securing sensitive customers’ data is a step forward to building trust and strengthening connections with your customers. For that reason, it’s quintessential to implement all the viable security measures to safeguard the information that shouldn’t be exposed to an unreliable source.

Besides, recent studies have confirmed that companies experiencing a data breach may end up paying $4 billion. In some cases, breaches may lead to bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, cybercrime keeps increasing and becoming more sophisticated. For that reason, companies find it more challenging to prevent incidents from happening and protect their valuable data.

We understand that data protection can be pretty overwhelming, so we have prepared a brief yet complete guide to secure your sensitive business information. Let’s move on to the four exceptional ways to protect your data and build trust with your customers.

Implement the Best Cybersecurity Measures

The best way to ensure breach prevention and establish a safe working environment is to install and configure the best cybersecurity tools. Aside from comprehensive data encryption, ransomware protection, and hardware and software security, you can reinforce your IT infrastructure with the best antivirus solution and password protection.

Most data breaches happen because of weak passwords and insecure password sharing. To prevent incidents resulting from password cracking, we recommend you use the best password manager. Such a tool helps you create a strong password, store it safely, and share it without risks. That way, your data is entirely safe from both internal and external threats.

In general, advanced cybersecurity solutions play a vital role in breach prevention resulting from both internal and external threats. Besides, they are a powerful weapon against unauthorized access to data and systems within your organization.

Have Backup and Data Recovery Plan in Place

Backup and data recovery are another essential piece of the puzzle called data management security. Regular backup can help you recover all data you have lost due to breaches or cyber threats, helping you minimize the damage and reestablish a normal working environment after the incident.

To ensure maximum efficiency, you need to determine which data should be backed up in case of a failure, and which storage should be used for keeping the files. Work closely with your team to create an efficient backup and disaster recovery plan whose guidelines you’ll follow in case of an event.

Conduct a Regular Risk Analysis

Companies are commonly required to conduct regular risk analyses and implement proactive measures to mitigate them. Additionally, risk assessments allow you to identify and detect potential threats that could affect your company’s security and data protection.

Remember that your company’s system is pretty complex, especially since it allows you to transfer your data through various channels. At the same time, it poses a massive risk to data management security, especially if the third-party vendor is included in the process.

A comprehensive risk assessment helps you identify some of the most common cybersecurity risks within your network, allowing you to protect your data on time and save yourself from severe damages.

Monitor and Review All the Processes

By monitoring and reviewing all the processes inside the system, organizations get insight into their data activities, risks, and strategies, which helps them improve the cybersecurity measures and protection methods they use against internal or external cyber threats. Additionally, a company may be required to perform this step in order to maintain compliance.

Data monitoring is a vital step that helps organizations get to know more about their data, including data creation, data transmission, data archiving, and, eventually, its destruction. In addition, the information provided through monitoring and reviewing allows auditors to take a closer look at controls set for necessary data protection and its management.


By adopting proactive security measures and consistent data monitoring, you reduce the risk of data loss, unauthorized access, and other incidents resulting from sophisticated cyber threats. No magic can help you safeguard your data to the fullest, but the following techniques will strengthen your IT ecosystem and, thus, your data:

  • Organize data holistically: Organizing data holistically means having data in isolated systems and implementing various security levels to ensure its complete protection.
  • Use compute and storage: Compute and storage are vital for your organization’s data, as they provide accessibility and availability of essential digital assets from on-site or the cloud.
  • Implement “least privilege” access: By ensuring that only trustworthy staff can have access to your company’s essential data, you’re less likely to experience incidents caused by unauthorized use or advanced cyberattacks.

So, if your question is when to go full Spartan defense in data management, the answer is NOW. Many organizations, especially federal agencies, experience a broad range of data management issues on a daily basis. It includes intellectual property concerns and unauthorized access to data, which could be fatal for national security.

The only way to reduce the risk of such problems lies in enforcing your technology and IT infrastructure with multi-layer security measures. And you should do it as we speak!

January 19, 2022
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